Tuesday, 31 March 2020

How I lost 16kg in 3 months?

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(I know hard to tell the difference by this photo - but never mind)

Hello everyone! How are you doing during this Movement Control Order (MCO) ? Enjoying your homey time? Haha! whatever it is, stay safe & stay connected to people around you of course via online.

Staying home will make us gain weight - especially, when you had your frequent trip to the kitchen. Open refrigerator some more! Anyway, today, I'll be talking about how I lost 16kg in 3 months!

.During pregnancy, I gained 16kg. My pre pregnancy weight was 58kg, and on the last day before I was admitted to prenatal ward, I was 74 kg! I never imagined that I could reach the 70++ kg of my life. But, pregnancy did it!

So, how I lost 16kg? Now, let's get back to the confinement facts & basic. Usually, during confinement, some women will start to avoid certain types of foods - avoid cold foods, avoid spicy foods, avoid oily foods, because some said, it will affect your body & also it will hard for you to lose weight.

There is no research that supports restricting food intake during confinement will give benefits to woman. However, our tradition has a stronger beliefs on that. Although, I don't deny that, I also did not fully agree by that. This is because, scientifically, by restricting your foods & calories intake -you will get a rebounce effect!. While, it is good to start eating healthy during confinement, but ask yourself - will I sustain eating like this even after I finished confinement? IF yes, then, thank you for reading my blog.. Good Bye :P.

Else, if you think, you can't sustain, please continue reading this post.

The concept is to make sure you are taking the same calories intake during confinement & post confinement. During confinement, our body is using a lot of energy due to our stress level are higher,. so higher stress level, we then need higher energy intake. If we maintain the intake of our calories, and you are breast feeding some more, definitely you will lose weight!

Since, I have never been on the higher side of my body weight before pregnant, I took the chance to experiment everything that I have preached to my clients.

Basic things that I told them :

1) Make sure to eat 5 meals/ day - never skip meals
2) Drink a lot of water.
3) Never eat lesser than 1000kcal/day, else you will easily gain weight.

So, during the first month of confinement. , I eat lesser than 1000kcal!, because honestly, I was stress to see my body weight is not reducing - that's normal. So, I eat less. In 2 weeks, I managed to lose 10kg! From 74kg to 64 kg!! What do you expect from a breastfeeding mom, and eating lesser calories some more!

Soon after that, in only 1 week - I gained another 5kg! so, 69kg it is!

So point number 3 - Never eat lesser than 1000 kcal/day , else you will gain weight easily! - THIS IS PROVEN .

Hence, I started to eat like usual, I made sure I consumed 1500 -1800 kcal, which is my normal calories intake . From the nutrition principle, breastfeeding mom can have extra 500 kcal. However, I did not apply during this period. Instead, I did 5 meals - meals/ day. Small yet frequent.  In 2 months, I saw some changes , I can wear my jeans & all my pre-pregnancy clothes   & YES, I MANAGED TO GET BACK TO MY PRE- PREGNANCY WEIGHT!

Regarding the food selections - first of all, I am Sabahan - so you know our cooking method. Healthy & low in calories. However, my husband is Malay. So, you know how Malay foods - hence, during confinement, I eat all types of food, Malay, sabahan, Japanese, western & kfc, mcD some more! Because, at the end of the day - I will be eating those foods. No harm.

So, same goes to you. I never like the idea of eating clean, coz, at the end of the day - you will get back to your root. If you are Malay , then you will eat Malay, if you are Indian/ Chinese, then Indian or Chinese it is! Nothing wrong with your food, embrace it !

So bring home messages!

2) Eat small and frequent meals - 5 - 6 meals/ day.
3) Drink a lot of water
4) Only weight your body once a month!

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 1 March 2020

Food Review : 5 Signature Dishes in Première Hotel Klang

March 01, 2020 0
One of our favourite things to do during our leisure time is to do staycation or trying out hotels dishes around Klang Valley,  be it buffet or in house room service. Aily and I always comparing which hotel provides the best, affordable & delicious dishes. Out of all, majority of the prices are beyond the affordable price, and I advise you to continue your reading and be blown away by the price of their signature meals!

Recently, I have been given some  chance & privileged to try the 5 signature dishes by The Premiere Hotel, Klang. The dishes have been prepared by their most experienced chefs and I shall say, while talking to the chefs, I can feel their honesty in creating such dishes - this is the most important value ones should have while preparing the foods. About a mins of small talk, I get to know that the recipes for their signature dishes are created from scratches and they have done a lot of dry runs in order to make sure the taste & their palatability achieve the standard or even more.

Upon reaching there, I was welcomed by their friendly concierge whom assisted me to show the direction towards The Buzz.

Their 5 signature dishes are prepared by their Executive Chef Noor Hisham and his culinary team. Feeling so proud to be able to capture a moment with their super talented chefs! 

Interior of The Buzz with the glass window. 

I got to know that this hotel offers a culinary feast of local & international flavours, Chinese authentic dishes as well as having a Pool Bar which offers a concept of breezy bar that serves finger foods, burger & pizza.

The 5 signature dishes that I have the chance to try are listed as follows : 

1) Meehoon Goreng Berkuah 
2) Butter Chicken Set 
3) Premiere Thai Fried Chicken 
4) Sizzling Prawn with Chef's specialty Sauce ( Butter Almond & Gan Jian Style Sauce) 
5) Special Homemade Dim Sum Set. 

MeeHoon Goreng Berkuah is a fried noodles served along with tauchu, prawns, eggs and vegetables wrapped in thick gravy that make every mouthful a delight. The portion presented are quite satisfying   & can be shared between two ladies! Taste-wise, the saltiness & sourness of the dishes are well-blended, with the strong taste of tauchu which I found quite interesting & unique.  This is definitely a best served for every main meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner. Best thing is - it is available for only RM28! . 

This is the most delicious butter chicken I have ever tasted! I am a very big fan of buttery dishes & this set deserved a standing ovation! This set is prepared in a buttery gravy that gives the curry sauce a rich texture. The chicken is incredibly tender and injected with flavour from yogurt marinade. This set also comes with green salad & some traditional condiment as well as fragrant rice. The big portion of the butter chicken itself is satisfying and definitely worth the price! Can you believe they sell this for only RM28!! it's a hotel dishes & prepared by the chef! I recommended everyone to try this! Definitely worth every penny spent!

If you have been to Thailand, you would definitely know their Thai Fried Chicken which is a famous food in their street food. The Chef has prepared this dishes to next level, the crispiness of the chicken's skin crackles every bite. This set comes with their special chili sauce, coleslaw & mashed potato with black pepper sauce. This set completes the macronutrient requirements of the meal! Despite its big portion, it's only available for only RM22 per set! This is a must-eat set for the chicken lover!

Those who has been reading my blog for quite some time, you must know that I am originated from Sabah - Semporna , the heaven of seafood. Seafood, especially tiger prawns are my things! Hence, I can easily identified the freshness & sweetness of this sea food. Tiger prawns are perfectly cooked and sautéed in two different chef's own special sauce - Butter Almonnd & Gan Jian Style. By the name, you would know this is a Chinese cuisine. I happened to learn that, in order for you to taste the sauce, while eating this, you may dip the prawn to the sauce itself, and I tell you, you would be blown away by the uniqueness of this dish! My personal favourite is  definitely a butter almond sauce! This is priced for only RM38! Crazy cheap for the tiger prawns in Peninsular & the worthiest to spend a money!  A must try for the seafood lover! 

Definitely, I am keeping the best in the last section of my review, the Special HomeMade Dim Sum Set. A selection of homemade Dim Sum specially prepared by their Dim Sum Chef, which served along with Dumpling Meat with Spicy Sauce, Gemini, Deep Fried Dumpling, Crispy Fried Durian, Japanese Prawn Dumpling & Lemon Grass Jelly. I, literally don't have any words to describe how delicious is this set , & if you are a dims lover, you don't have to find other Dim Sum restaurant, just head to this place, and you will find yourself craving for this set the next day after trying this set! And do you know what's crazy? this is ONLY PRICED AT RM48 per SET! . I promised, you won't be disappointed upon trying this dishes! 

With the master mind that given us the opportunity to try their signature dishes  - Mr Shamsul Fariz

Keeping a memories with other food evaluators! 

Overall, I rated all their signature dishes are 4.8 / 5 star! Will I come again? Yes, definitely!! 

All dishes are available from March to April and food hunters, you shall not missed this! 

I am writing this from my personal experience trying out their dishes, if you have any further enquiries or reservations, you may call +603 3325 6828 / 03-3325 6879. 

I hope this blogpost can help you to find which destination you may try together with your families, loved ones or even colleagues! 

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Having a baby does not limit your potential!

February 18, 2020 0

One of my friend told me, she had an expectation that I might running slow after I had my first kid. To her, having a kid making our goal stuck & our movement limited. Well, I had my own doubt at first. I, myself was not sure whether I can become like the old me, or the brand new Masfara-the mommy version, or Masfara-the mommy version + the old Masfara.

I, myself was not sure if I can handle the feelings of being away from Mikael, but I think I did a great job separating my own-mommy's feeling & become a staff. When I was in the office, I am really focused on my job, and I make sure, it will be done before I head home. OF course, I am playing here and there, but, when there is a job, it has to be done. NOW and NOW.

So, after almost 3 weeks working, I developed a stronger version of Masfara. The mommy version, the wife version, the old version & the entrepreneur version. One thing I realised from myself, I am just a restless type. In a good way. Often time, when Aily & Mikael asleep, I will just open my laptop & looking for the tasks or trying to find some tasks to be completed, or somehow just chatting my clients through our system, just to check how their day went.

Anyway, points to ponder :

1) Having a kid, should never limit your potentials. God did not give you something to let you stuck. He definitely wants you to grow.

2) Having a kid, makes you understand your spouse & your spouse to understand you. It's even makes both of you closer.

3) Everyone has 24 hours. It's how you do your work & how do you manage your time. In my case, I wake up at 5am, and settle everything!

I think, there are two plus points that I have in my situation now :
1) My current company offers flexibility.
2) Aily is a very good husband, in which he understand my situation & he helped me a lot.

Hence, I manage to stay sane as a human being, a mother and a wife. I am not sure, how those working mom managed their time. But, whoever you are, we are awesome. God has created everyone with a different strength and tolerance. He does not test you beyond your ability.

Good luck & Good Night!

Thursday, 30 January 2020

Staycation - Answered to your InstaStory Qs.

January 30, 2020 0

I got a lot of questions from instastory (I am really active there) regarding our staycation activities. Some of them I answered & some I ignored. So, I am making a blogpost to answer some of the questions that I got.

1) Aily and I agreed that we can't travel overseas until Mikael is 1 year old.

2) It's very hard for Aily to take leave, because he handles operation of his company, especially early and the last month.

3) We prefer to enjoy short distance vacation as of now.

4) We spend less than RM1.5K for our staycation.

5) Aily works as an executive but, I am not sure of his title, in which I always address him working as an engineer, as the term itself is self-explained, so I saved my time explaining, because I also do not know what to explain and how to explain about his job?

6) Somehow, I felt bad spending RM55 for nasi lemak, but the reason for our staycation is to enjoy every luxuries there

7) I have mixed feelings about spending thousands for 1 night. Happy, because we can manage to experience the opulence at the particular place - had we travel overseas, we probably need to keep on calculating expenses, due to the currency exchange. Sad, ah, because of the hard earned money is wasted in only 1 night. But, the percentage of happiness to sadness is 80/20. So, its cool.

8) You guys also asked about our salary range which is quite P&C, but we are earning an amount that can feed our lifestyle. So, in that sense, it's quite comfortable.

These are all I could answer for now.

Thank you for reading .  XOXO.