Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Welcome to Diet Ideas Sdn. Bhd.

July 01, 2020 0

Welcome to Diet Ideas. It's the company that I founded on the 3rd of July, 2019. I was on my second trimester when I was pregnant with Mikael. It was the most happiest and  energetic phase of my pregnancy journey. 

So, it was that night when I discussed with my husband of opening my own company, since I plan to work on my own before I turned 30 years old, and I think it was the perfect time. Days and nights passed and I was looking for the perfect organisation that can help me to register the company for legality. I decided to go with Sdn Bhd, because, I think I want to make it big. I do understand that, the maintenance fee is quite high and pricey, but I believed I made a right decision to legislate my company under the private limited type. 

So, it took us 1 year to come up with a great business plan and to make sure our bussiness strategy is good to sustain in the market. We had been experimenting with developing a healthy snacks & also for the meal delivery. I did not see any results from it. It's neither a failure nor a success plan. Coz, technically we did not done any marketing yet for that. 

In 2 days time, Diet Ideas gonna turn 1. We also has started our operation after 1 year of planning. I feel so glad to see such an immense support from the people when I told them about Diet Ideas! 

I can't wait for the journey. It may be harder and difficult, but please pray for us, for Diet Ideas

Saturday, 2 May 2020

Baby’s Instinct

May 02, 2020 0

I managed to put Mikael to sleep after Isyak, at about 8pm ish. When he is sleeping, I decided to go outside and spending my time with Aily, while he is doing some finance things, I was thinking to sit next to him at the couch, with hope, to finish reading the book.

Ah, before that, I managed to eat a bowl of my sindul, it was only 3 spoons before I heard a baby macam merengek. 

Ok. there he go. Crying, looking for me. 

When he is done crying and back to sleep again, I set my foot outside ...and in less than 10mins, I heard him again. 

I did a 3 round trips from our room to the living room, before I deciced to read my book next to him. 

To my surprise, he did not even move a bit, and sleep silently. I even kissed him so many times, there is no signs of him waking up. 

and I wonder, does baby knows his mom is away? 

Saturday, 25 April 2020

Mikael's first Meal.

April 25, 2020 0

Dear Mikael cababeh mommy,

Today is your first day eating solid food!
You are supposed to eat on the 1st of May when you are 6 months and 1 day old. Because mommy is so excited, and you are already showed a sign that you are ready to eat, then mommy immediately cook a porridge for you. It was so sudden. I never expected that you would eat today! But, looking at you, licking the carpet, eating everything that is reachable to you, I am then 100 % certain that you can eat. Another strong point is that - you have 2 cute teeth & salivating whenever mom and dad are eating.

Most importantly, your mom is a dietitian. Via and Catipa already started their solid meal. So, I believed you should too. #motherhoodpressure.

But, worries not. This is one of the wise step to do!

Few weeks back, I planned to give you a spinach as your first meal. It's really a good choice since spinach is rich with nutrients. However, calories- wise, it is not suitable option to give you! It's 0 kcal, and I needed to load you with high calories & high nutrients dense food. So, back to basic - rice porridge it is!

I was so nervous yet excited, until I found out that I was not so sure how to cook a porridge for you HAHA. I knew, but you will know my feelings when you have your baby had his or her first meal. Being so excited, I rang your momma mimah to ask her what does Catipa ate, and how does she cooked for her.
So, we videocalled together to confirm whether I did the right step. Oh, daddy was sleeping this time. I don't want to wake him up, since he was so tired doing laundry after Sahur.

This is your photo after you finish meal. I have to change your cloth because your food was all over your cloth! You are a bit sleepy here! 

Your porridge tray

Tara! Don't you see how cute you are?
Mikael shamamey, I pray that you will become someone who has all the noble values in the world!

Mommy and Daddy always love you.
Anyway, Mommy had uploaded your video of your first meal on my instagram.
I just hope that Instagram apps is still relevant during your time. So that you can see! and worries not, I stored a few back ups in our Google Drive Sharing & iClouds.

I can't wait for you to grow up!

Love u cababeh mommy.

I am typing this, while you were sleeping next to me, during the second day of Ramadhan, and daddy is folding clothes while singing to your fav nursery song.

Good night.
May Allah bless you and keep you under His guidance forever.

p/s : I don't want to stop writing this, as I have a lot of things to share. To many more stories! 

Thursday, 9 April 2020

My life as a working mom with a baby at home during MCO.

April 09, 2020 0

You thought, I am chilling? HAHA. No. There is no chilling time. When Mikael is sleeping, That's when I am going to take my lunch. He is quite naughty now. As he started exploring many things, I could not help but to play with him, and I think I am a mad mom now - did you happened to laugh or smile when you were pooping as you reminisce your baby's action & behavior? I did. Suddenly, I was smiling or sometimes laughing. Crazy woman in the toilet.

There was a time when I was showering while my bathroom's door opened. As I watching him, he showed me a "threatenin" action - "mommy, you better shower quickly, else, I will keep on rolling until I fell off the bed, you choose" . 

                                                         *                  *               * 
It was nice that the government enforced a MCO & everyone who works has to work from home, unless you are in the essential line. So, I was very happy, in fact really happy. Finally , Aily & I can spend time together with Mikael! It's gonna be a happy moment for our family. Until I realized that  - Aily is in the essential line. Crap!

To cut things short, Aily only managed to go to office on the first day. His boss allowed him to work from home. Thanks to my "emergency alarm-that-my-colleague-tested-positive" . His boss allowed him to work from home since, I have to self quarantine as I had closed contact with positive patient. Plus, we have a baby. Blessed his boss.

It was a very nice feeling that I am able to be home with our loved one. So, in the morning, Aily will sit in the living room & I am in the office room. At least we don't have to see each other's faces for solid 24 hours. We only talk during lunch hour. haha. but that time we did not cook and we did food panda . 

Despite the privileges that Aily got, he still has to go to office (he was promoted and getting salary increment, so he has to be present in the office). I was really sad, but I was glad that I had the 2 weeks with him. And my 100% motherhood journey started...

I woke up early and had my breakfast. There I saw a cute little boy with his eyes winking at me. He woke up! I breastfed him and played a little bit and to shower we go!

I have always wanted to be a mom who can earn money from home. I never really liked the 9 to 5 style of working. I believed it is sometimes unproductive for individual growth. And with MCO it was possible to be home while earning money and I am glad for it. However, there are some challenges that I faced, especially when Mikael is with me.

  • Instead of working on my desk, I worked on my bed so that Mikael can play and easy for me to breastfeed him, and ....  of course to put him sleep.
  • To avoid the client  from listening to a baby's voice. , so I had to hold him for 2 hours straight!
  • Breastfeeding while meeting.
  • Only had lunch when he is sleeping. 
However, I am grateful for having him with me that I managed to see him growing up in front of my eyes. Somehow, I pray MCO continues, so that I don't have the option to send him to nursery, and let him stay with me. 

Thanks for reading!