Thursday, 30 January 2020

Staycation - Answered to your InstaStory Qs.

January 30, 2020 0

I got a lot of questions from instastory (I am really active there) regarding our staycation activities. Some of them I answered & some I ignored. So, I am making a blogpost to answer some of the questions that I got.

1) Aily and I agreed that we can't travel overseas until Mikael is 1 year old.

2) It's very hard for Aily to take leave, because he handles operation of his company, especially early and the last month.

3) We prefer to enjoy short distance vacation as of now.

4) We spend less than RM1.5K for our staycation.

5) Aily works as an executive but, I am not sure of his title, in which I always address him working as an engineer, as the term itself is self-explained, so I saved my time explaining, because I also do not know what to explain and how to explain about his job?

6) Somehow, I felt bad spending RM55 for nasi lemak, but the reason for our staycation is to enjoy every luxuries there

7) I have mixed feelings about spending thousands for 1 night. Happy, because we can manage to experience the opulence at the particular place - had we travel overseas, we probably need to keep on calculating expenses, due to the currency exchange. Sad, ah, because of the hard earned money is wasted in only 1 night. But, the percentage of happiness to sadness is 80/20. So, its cool.

8) You guys also asked about our salary range which is quite P&C, but we are earning an amount that can feed our lifestyle. So, in that sense, it's quite comfortable.

These are all I could answer for now.

Thank you for reading .  XOXO.

Friday, 17 January 2020

Assalamualaikum 2020 & my 26th years old wishes.

January 17, 2020 0

First of all, I thank Allah for letting me to experience this beautiful journey of my life. Of having a supportive family, lovely and caring husband and a cute 2 months 17 days old son. I am beyond grateful to have them all. 

I never really like the fact that I was born in January. Because I was among the older one in the class and my birthday was always during the school time.

Today, I am a proud lady that I was born in January, simply because I have that 1 year time to be committed to achieve all my goals. As usual, when new year comes, everyone will be posting out their yearly resolutions. However, mine will be later than that, it's always on the 16th!

Alhamdulillah, praise to God that everything that I wished for last year, has been crossed off my goals. As a reward, I got myself a son :P.

My 24- 25 years old is all about focusing on the career, and work work work work, where I focus on increasing my saving so that I could retire early and of course to have a lot of money. Only then I realised, I did not really make enough sweet memories, except that, I got married and I had a baby, and I also went to honeymoon.
And in my 25years old - I also realised that I could have a lot of money, but I have no time to spend it and also I became greedy.  I target to achieve this amount, but once I reached, I think its never enough.

Wishes & Resolutions for my 26th years old. 

1) of course - to increase Mikael and my saving.
2) creating sweet memories, and it has be documented in this blog.
3) never fail to pay monthly zakat.
4) Japan/ Australia for Mikael's first birthday.
5) Improve my cooking skills.
6) consistently performing prayer.
7) must qada' puasa for 30 days before April, and pay the fidyah.
8) to plan Aily's birthday nicely.
9) to be an excellent wife for Aily.
10) to blog more.
11) to make sure, my little family 👪 has a matching outfits for every functions.

These resolutions are definitely achievable and doable.

My birthday dinner with lovely husband and a son (he is inside the stroller) 

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Aily brings home the cake.

January 15, 2020 0

My 26th birthday will be on this coming Thursday, and I no longer excited as the years before. Major reason was, the excitement has been cut by Mikael's presence. I am really looking forward to his 1 year old birthday.

However, Aily being Aily. He is someone who likes making surprises and to be surprised. He likes to plan every romantic things and precise on every details of the planning. He remembered every special date, and me, is on the other side.
Usually, when it comes to Aily birthday, I will ask him what he wanted and it is an easy task for me, except the celebration. And on my birthday, Aily had a hard time picking up my gift. Not because I want to be surprised. But, because I do not know what I want.

This morning, before he went off to office, Aily told me, this coming Wednesday he has a very important meeting and I got what he meant really. It means that, I can't expect anything lovely during my birth-week. Such as pre celebration or something. As usually , I would want his utmost attentions and I would easily moody if he did not pay so much attention. Oh, that was during the girlfriend-boyfriend phase. However, this year is a lil bit different. I do not wanted any romantic celebrations as before, as long as Aily, Mikael and me in a good place, then that's all matter. #motherlyinstinct.

Today, I was checking what time he will be off from his office and from that, I would know his ETA, so that I could prepare dinner and serve it while it is still warm. But, he took a bit longer than expected. I know even if it is jammed, it won't take this longer, and I was positive that he was taking a detour.

Upon reaching home, I saw a big paper bag from komugi, and I know it is for me, but I pretended that I did not know that. #drama

"Darling, I bought you something, guess what"
" a cake?" still pretending.
"yes, i bought you chocolate cake"
"are we gonna cut it now, like now?"
"up to you, it's your birthday"
"can we cut it on the day itself? Or no, maybe tomorrow? I want to eat cake"
"red velvet is in the chiller" and he's laughing.
( I bought a slice of red velvet cake from pastryville. We both love red velvet, and the taste and quality are disappointing, it's a sponge cake where they put red coloring and layered it with cream, we end up not eating)

                                                                               *   *   *  *

He doesn't change since the first time we had our birthday celebrations.
I remember on our first ever birthday, I celebrated his birthday in kampung baru and he celebrated my birthday in one of the posh Spanish restaurant. I forgot the name. Hahaha. I was not sure why I picked kampung baru. Luckily, he still wanted me to be his wife.
Of many birthdays and sweet memories together and forever.

(the above entry was written on the 14th of January) 

                                                                               *   *   *  *

Today (15th January)
We are still not opening the cake yet, and he told me this morning that we should open the cake at 12 am tonight. 

Wednesday, 8 January 2020

This Motherhood (& fatherhood) Journey

January 08, 2020 0

Some of my friends made a joke that when you are getting married, you are bound to wake up early morning to prepare breakfast, to do laundry, to iron the clothes and doing all the housewife thingy. I did not have a stress on it. Aily and I had the same thought of what marriage are. So, I did not have to fake myself on my day 1 of being his wife. We had this mutual understanding. We can say NO on the things we do not like to do, and can say YES to the thing that we like.

However, it's a major different story upon holding this tittle. A mommy. Because everything related to baby is big YES.


No compromise. Instead, it teaches you to be even discipline.

During the early days after confinement, Aily and I found , it was hard to have a morning cuddle on weekend, taking shower together, resting on the bed together, eating together. Because we were taking turn to take care of Mikael, even when he was sleeping. #firsttimeparent'sproblem.

I find it was hard to respond to his kisses before he is off to work,  because I was so sleepy! I used to annoy him in the morning, taking his photos while sleeping and sending it to his whatsApp with funny caption... argh, I find it hard to do it! All I want to do is sleeping when Aily is home and let him to handle Mikael.


Even if I say I want to sleep.. listening to Mikael's crying voice, I would get up. Not even a second I can put my eyes to sleep because my mind and heart were thinking of him. Before the presence of Mikael, AIly and I planned to have a rotation, in which I will pump my breast milk, so that he could take care of him on the weekend night, and I will enjoy my night sleep. But no, I did not have the confidence to let Aily handled my Mikael. Not even dare to close my eyes.

I was trying to look out for perfection in this journey, only to realize, I should be the one who create my own definition of perfection. I love to plan everything, but on this journey, you have to accept that, not everything can be planned, the perfection comes from the practise, not the planning. 

Days and weeks passed, Aily and I get used to this journey together. Now, we know, w
hen is the right timing to change his diaper without him spraying his pee to us and on the bed. When to put him to sleep, how do we know if he is sleepy and so many things.

Now, we got back our routines together, we have our morning cuddles, we shower together, we eat together. I still went to my monthly waxing centre, nail saloon, going to bookstore to read free books, going to shopping mall just to try out their clothes. haha. Everything went back to normal. The key is to be flexible with the changes.
and also, we do not have any official family photo.

Mikael and Daddy

"I am indeed a very good boy. I was 1 month and 25 days"

If you were to ask me, what is the hardest part of this motherhood journey? Nursing in public. I have  to cover this and that, argh. I just wish to open everything haha but I just cant.  His growth and calories are depends on me. Sometimes , Aily would give him EBM, but, deep down inside my heart, I don't trust its hygiene, like how would I know that , there's no bacteria in there, despite our excellent EBM practice. Hence, I rather breastfeed.

My advice to all the first time parents.. just do it. You will get to understand your baby as the day passes. I know I might not the best person to say this, but Aily and I speak toleration in this journey, and it helps a lot, mentally and physically. Good Luck.

P/s: funny thing about motherhood is, whenever you want to do your  "big bussiness"  you have to let the toilet's door open & there was a time, Mikael was crying for milk and I had to force stop the operation, and resume back after feeding him. It was gross, I know, but  mommies out there, don't lie - I know you do that too :P.