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Honeymoon trip at Jeju Korea (Winter Season) - Part 1

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Jeju. A place that I never planned to visit for my honeymoon. It was always Bali, but we change the destination since we went for honeymoon in between the receptions. Plus, I don't like sunny places, simply because I came from a hot and steamy Semporna Sabah. Another strong reason, was because of the recent natural disaster in Indonesia, so  it was one fine night, a week before our wedding ceremony. We had a thorough discussion on our honeymoon place. Japan or Australia? since these two are among my favorite countries to travel. We knew that Seoul is also a very famous honeymoon destination for Malaysian, or at least among my circle. I've been to Seoul in 2015, and I did not fancy that. So, it's a BIG NO. .. but.. out of sudden, I remembered about a small paradise of Korea! An Island, with a cold and a windy weather! it's Jeju. We booked the flight and the hotel after two days discussion. To Jeju we are!.

Day 1 
(31st January 2019 - Thursday)

Basically, we did not have any itinerary, we just googled everything the night before the day! Because we planned to travel free and easy, no schedule, no time restriction. Special thanks for my friend, Pika and her husband. They went to Jeju at this period for their second honeymoon. We both landed at the Jeju Airport on the same day, and they went home earlier by one day from us. Anyway, she took this photo for us . Our first photo at Jeju.

Since we rented a car in Jeju, it was a little awkward for Aily to drive the second we got the car. What do you expect from a man who drives on the right side and in a minute, holding a steering on the left side of the lane?. It was only a 50km/h drive he drove during the first day.

Ah ya! We also rented a pocket wifi for 3,300 won per day. But, on our first day, something happened with the wifi, that it did not get connected with our devices, we went to the hotel reception to ask for his help, but come on stupid Masfara, how can he knows about pocket wifi trouble shooting?. We were positive on that night, probably the wifi could not get connected due to the connection coverage! We stayed nearby the beach anyway. To kill the night time, we strolled around our hotel, looking for snacks to munch at the room and we found a bakery shop, its Paris de Baguette.

We bought some breads and pastries, and just before we paid, we, again asked for the nice young girl cashier to troubleshoot our pocket wifi! Magic things happened, her device managed to get connected and that's when we found out the wifi has problem.

Guess what? We drove back to the airport and long story short - the kiosk was closed. It was 8pm, and the operation hours ended at 7pm.

The next day we went to the airport again - and the aunty reset the device to factory mode! Due to that, we get a discount one day from the total fee 😉. It was worth it!

Good thing, Aily managed to excel the Korean's style of driving, with cameras and speedtrack  everywhere!

How much is the price for the car rental and pocket wifi in Jeju?

For the rented car -
the original price was 559 000 won, approximately RM2, 039. But, I registered for the membership, so, we get 71% discount 😅. You can sign up for free HERE and get yourself a crazy discounted price for your rented car.

For the wifi modem - it was 8,800 won, but they have some discount, so we just rented it for 3,300 won per day!

DAY 2 
(February 1st 2019 - Friday)


We started the day at 10am and drive to Seongsan District. Here is the funny story. We just wanted to have a meal at Uribong Sikdang, which is the muslim friendly restaurant, little did we know, the top attraction place was just there! I did read that this restaurant is just nearby to the tourist spot, but never I imagined, it was this close! Accessible in less than 3 mins walk only!

It is  Seongsan Illchubang which also knowns as their "Sunrise Peak". Entrance Fees was 2000 per pax.

In order to go to the peak, you have to climb, 1 hour climb and going down.  Some people mentioned from the blogpost, it's totally worth it. The view was quite breathtaking, and you can see the crater from the peak. but Aily and I decided just to enjoy around as both of us did not like climbing - not a hiker.

Seongsan is actually one of the volcanic mountain and one of the UNESCO HERITAGE SITE. From here, you can also see a Jeju Woman Diver Performances, which they called as Haenyeo. Some Haenyeo aged 70s to 80s catch seafood for living with no modern equipment but knife and they were holding their breath up to 1 minutes, and producing a very unique sound when they reach the surface. Although it says there is a performance of Haenyeo , but, it was not an entertainment , thus, we have to shows respect to the Haenyeo, and no photo taking with them, simply because they are just doing their daily works. 

The place where Haenyeo performance took place. Upon observing them show, you will probably have a mixed feeling, and the fact all the Haenyeo were all at their 70s to 80s , makes you wonder, where come all the energy to do all this thing. However, they will have different time to dive, when it is windy. 

The place where Haenyeo start their diving activity. 

Talking about Uribong Sikdang, the restaurant is actually opposite to Innisfree, and there were few parking spots available, so no need to worry on the parking spots! Uribong Sikdang. Although this place looks like in a village area, but, I still like the atmosphere. It's not crowded.

The Innisfree Shop. Just opposite Uribong Sikdang. Behind Innisfree is Seongsan Illchubang.  
Talking about this yummy restaurant, their cheapest menu setcheapest menu set is 40,000 won, and I totally love this menu! It has abundance of seafood stew with grilled mackerel and abalone hot pot, not to mention the plates of side dishes. Which you can refill and ask for more!

Aily loves the Salted anchovies, and he refilled it twice. To him, the yumminess of the restaurant, is depends on the side dishes served, if they have anchovies, then it's yummy . LOL

I've changed my coat, as the weather was totally windy and I could not stand this temp. One thing I realized from Jeju, was the colors of their cars. It's either white or black! (except our rental car, it speaks a rainbow :P)

After spending our time taking pictures at the Sunrise Peak, we then decided to go to 
Jeju Folk Village.

This place is at the Seogwipo district. There were few busses available at this place. However, it is not recommended to go around Jeju with public transport, it's not as convenience as Seoul, and definitely you will be tired of waiting.

This museum is displaying more than 100 structures and artifacts of the Jeju during the Old Days.  According to them, there were few performances will be played during the visiting time, however, we did not manage to watch any.

For your information, if you have watched the historical drama of "Jewel In the Palace" , few of the scenes were filmed here. It was my first korean drama that I watched and still ranked the first among my top fav.

Admission fees: 11,000 won per pax.

My bad that I did not shot the information board nicely. Basically according to the history, Jeju is known as the island of Wind, Women and Stone. 
Yes, it is windy, and the Haenyeo (women's divers) and all the stones and rocks they had. 
You can spot all these the moment you visit Jeju. 

Basically for the Jeju Folk Village, every houses is almost look alike, except that they named it, and for the noble people, their houses will be guarded with poles or stones walls.  and you can take a glimpse of how Koreans living in the past .
                                                              One of the noble houses.

Although this place is quite historical, but in my liking, it was quite boring. But, it's good that we managed to see the historical place with our own eyes.

This place is exactly like a scene in the drama. With the short stone walls, where your neighbours can see your activity,

The feeling that I finally get married with the love of my life!

We ended the day by having a dinner at Daewonga. This is located at the Jeju City, which is only 15 minutes from our hotel. The cheapest restaurant among them all. 

I do not want to make this post a super uber long, hence, will see you again in a part 2 post!

Thanks for reading.

Friday, 28 December 2018

Of Work & Life Update.

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It's been a long time since I left this place. Life has been pretty hectic, and I shall say, it was hectic for good. For this blogpost, I am not going to talk about diet and nutrition, but a post of a personal story.

For the past 3 months, I was enjoying my job as a dietitian in which I really helps people to lose weight, and thru my new job (it's no longer new) I managed to meet a group of awesome people. Mingle with them, travelling abroad (work purposes), of dinner and good times shared, of laughters and unquestionably chemistry we had, we managed to build a team which I love to call a family of HealthifyMe. All the healthy and passionate people are gathered and sharing one GOAL.

2 months ago, I went to China with my family. Unfortunate thing happened that I lost my 2 month old phone on the plane. It was night time when I landed, and I was all alone, no family (as they arrived 2 days earlier than me). Good thing, I did not panicked. I went to the immigration and asked them to do a translation of my hotel name to a chinese writing. They did.  Long story short, I took a cab, and it was a 1 hour ride from the Baiyun Airport to the hotel. All alone in a foreign country - they did not speak my language, it was 1 o'clock in the morning. The only word I asked the driver, how many KMs to go. When I started conversing in Mandarin (I only know basic conversation), the driver then 'welcoming' me to his country. We talked about Malaysia, travelling journey and I shall say, he was a good driver. It was proven since he sent me in a good shape to the hotel. ( It was 2 a.m) and before we bid goodbye, I told him..

"Hey, thank you for sending me off to my hotel, and FYI I lost my phone in the airplane, if something bad happened to me, I don't know how to contact my family, but, luckily I met you and thank you being such a nice driver" 

He smiled, but I am sure he did not understand what I said. 

Guangzhou, China

2 weeks after I went home to Malaysia, my company (HealthifyMe) sent me to India for work purposes and training. It was the longest oversea trip I ever had. Honestly, before I joined HealthifyMe, I never had any planning to visit India. The only few things I know about India - India and Medical students, sarees, bollywood celebrities, of Shah Rukh Khan and the prettiest miss world, Aishwarya Rai and many more. 

Credit photo: taken by SG
We were among the first passenger to ride IndiGo first launching ( hehe)

I love Bengaluru. 
The weather, the culture, the foods, their people, and of course their bhaiya auto racer.
Unfortunate thing happened as well, I fell ill for 3 days, and 2 days in a recovery phase.
 I had weather transition phase, so I was not able to do work.

Pooja brought me to Manipal Hospital, the only thing I remembered was, the hospital provided me with a nice hospitality. As I had high grade fever, the doctor planned to perform a blood test, but I rejected - i'm paranoid and really scared of needles. I might lose my consciousness if they poked me that day. And, I was scarf-free that day, I had no energy to dress up and half conscious on my environment, I barely even walk that day.  I wore my all time fav red jumper and short pants. Pooja was very nice and helpful. Forever am I, be debtful to her, and of course to Roshini.

Before I fell ill, I managed to go for hiking, went to vineyard and company's party, which we called as Ignite. It was really really a huge celebration 🎉 !

On that day, I seriously made a right decision to join HealthifyMe. Tushar's keynote managed to pump up my spirits to bring HealthifyMe Malaysia to another level, and I believe, we will achieve the target soon.

I have a lot to say and to share, but as of now, i'll stop my fingers from typing and need to settle all the diet plans!

2018 gonna end soon in 4 days, and I am pre-welcoming 2019 with new spirit, just bought a set of gym gear as my company also provide us with Fitness First Membership. hehe. My first time ever at gym?

Thanks for reading!
I'll be back with another personal stories and of course diet and nutritions.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Quack Nutritionist/ Dietitian.. is that you?

November 06, 2018 2
Because the real one.. will teach you how to love foods, no food is bad, it just that the amount of portion determine it, .. not the one who over promoting their products and fetishing foods.. but to instil balance foods for the sake of lifestyle changes.. never solely on the product profit.,

* * * * * * * * * * * *

If you want me to be honest, this is a very heavy topic to discuss. But, this case is now in the alarming rise, so here we go...

First of all, the word nutritionist should not be confused with a dietitian. Nutritionist in general, is someone who advises people on nutrition, and help them to achieve their optimum well being. Dietitian is a healthcare professionals, who have received accredited tertiary education and training, and undertake internship in hospitals. There are few reasons why quack nutritionist is existed in today's world. 



This is probably the reason why, people are free to claim themselves as a nutritionist - as they think, attended a few nutrition workshop is eligible for them to claim themselves. Now, since we have the act to protect our healthcare profession, hopefully people won't be free to use that title again, neither a dietitian nor a nutritionist.

Those who have done many readings, and very optimistic to claim themselves as one, until to the extend, they invented a new products of them, which is brilliant.. but yes, they are overpromoting!  To the extend they gave invalid nutrition education, start brainwashing people - to gain profits over their products, which is good, but bad for the consumers! 



Yes, they are a certified nutritionists, for the sake of life expenses and survival, they have to do this. Overpromoting of a certain products as they are bound to the company. At some point, while protecting their professionalism, they had to be quacks! They know some people do not need those supplements, but they had to do this - for the sake of KPI and because they are paid to do that.

But then, they are a few certified who loves being quackery, as long as the money comes in, they do not care anymore, not even looking back at their backbone. Clearly against the ethics, so shall we labelled them quack? .. Nope, we don't. Let them labelled themselves.

There are some nutritionist, who are qualified and certified to practice in their profession, but sometimes the nature of their works are against the ethics that we have practised and promised to imply.

This is what happen in Malaysia. Some company are using our certificate to sell their products, to gain profit in the name of dietitian and nutritionist - the ugly truth. 

I clearly, have no problem seeing a quack dietitian as of now, but I faced this kind of problem. I met people through linkedIn and..

"Hi, Masfara, nice to connect with you. I am a nutritionist and have kickstarted a new bussiness model which has been approved by the government. I would like to invite you to join me. I saw your profile and you are from the nutrition line.. there are a few opportunities available, and interview will be conducted - income range RM3000-RM9000"  

Are they quacks as well? I don't know. They know themselves better.



Nah, this comes to the main concern. People seems trying to educate our public on healthy and balanced meal.

" Eat variety of foods, less fatty foods, no processed foods, less salty foods, lots of greens and fruits everyday!"- and those simple dietary advises. 

Some of the self-claimed nutritionist, may probably have a higher level of understanding towards some issue of foods or products and yes we could not deny it. But.. if you want to know the real one, the real dietitian and nutritionist profession, they have their PRIDE and they know their ethiques. That, they will never go too much on promoting any products- well, maybe they promote, but they know the balance, what to do and what they should not do. 

What is happening is that, these quacks are fetishising foods and bamboozling people.  No, this should never happened in the real dietitian and nutritionist. For the real one, we try educating them on lifestyle changes. You can eat everything, be comfortable with your food. Not giving an extremely irrational comments on certain foods. Because of their irresponsibility actions, many people seems to fall to their advices. 

My big question mark, why do you go to hospital meeting their healthcare professionals, if your quacks are very good? If the products can heal it? 
Because, we are simply trusted. 

And, I am quite agree that some of the people needs Oral Nutrition Support or some supplementation. That's why you have to talk to someone who is not biased. Ask the person in charge of the products on the contents, but when it comes to consumption, please please please, always see your dietitian or nutritionist. Because, wherever we are, whoever we are, we still have our own backbone. 
Which is to help you.. to change your lifestyle changes. 

I have a few clients, whom I tried to give their customised diet plan and all, when I give them the template, they questioned me on my action. 

"Why do you giving me rice? I want to lose weight.. are you sure with your planning?"

This is hard guys. Explaining from A to Z on what is calories and carbohydrates exchanges. To make them believe and to convince them. 

So, because of excellent marketing of those nutriquacks, people are lead to the path of analysing all foods are bad and only supplementation could help their issues. Those testimonials of certain products are rubbish, I tell you. Some may true, some may not. Do not easily fall for products testimonials, because behind those  .. - you should buy this. And, for you.. please think! Until what extend will you consume the products? If that products are that good, you do not have to buy many times, once is enough!  So, please don't fruitlessly giving your money away to people who do not deserve it. I understand how people do business, but never blindly prescribed something unnecessary!

If you have and lead a healthy lifestyle - you don't need those supplementations, you might need it, but know your body first. How? Consult your healthcare professional - especially a dietitian and a nutritionist!

Because, we do not resort to pseudoscience.

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Dear Malaysian, Read These Tips Before You Start Dieting Again!

October 04, 2018 1
Every foods has its own stories. Have their own roles and functions and we all know that. So, whatever foods we eat, have a strong implications to our health - if you eat unhealthy foods, you will be facing the consequences. As a dietitian, I prefer to use moderation method and for you to be comfortable with the food you eat, instead of pointing this food is bad and that food is good, which defeat the term of nutrition itself. Excessive intake of certain foods might lead you to many problems. Hence, diseases will be knocking to your door. If not now, it might be in the future.

Dietary changes could help you to save medical bills and many researches have supported this statement. I understand it is hard to discipline yourself as an eat-lover. But, really. Do not force yourself, instead play it psychologically - train your mind, and always remember your goal.

What you can do:

You have to really incorporate frequent meals in your diet plan. Particularly, in a small portion. Eat Breakfast, Morning Snack, Lunch, Evening Snack and Dinner. Never let your stomach be emptied. Always let it full with nutritious foods - high nutrient density to be exact. Whenever you feel empty, or a little hungry, grab a fruits, or 3 pieces of cream cracker biscuits with plain tea- with no sugar and no milk.

Yes, many people thinks, skipping meal will help them to lose weight. This misconception is unhealthy, that is the reason why we need to educate people on this matter. When you skip meal, it will makes your body easily feels fatigue. Blood glucose, cholesterol - it will be harder to maintain their optimal levels. Especially on the blood glucose. When you have a disruption on your blood glucose level, it will cause you to get headache. Indirectly, it will disturb your daily routine, which is obviously not a good sign, hence, it will lead to less quality of life. So, DO NOT SKIP MEALS.

Never force yourself to eat healthy food, and never force yourself to diet. Whenever you are forcing yourself, you will turn to be zero again. Instead, slowly... slowly... let it be, your habit. Slowly.. slowly...until you let it become your habit! Wise men, don't rush.  Most importantly, you have to have someone to motivate you, to always remember your goals, and to work with you on your healthy weight loss journey.

Whenever you feel craving, you go for it! Go for the food that you craved for! With one condition - take it in a small portion. Because, the more you restrict yourself, the craver you are. So, go for it, while you still in the early craving. 

Hope that helps! Good Luck in Your Weight Loss Journey!