Mammiapappia is my childhood name 'culturally given' to me by my dad when I was a baby. It was such an ugly name that I would not want to bear or to let people knows about that. Until the day I created my own blog, I decided Mammiapappia is the best name to compile all my life journey and sharing virtually. 

I started blogging on 2013, when I was 19  after I finished my matriculation days. I was bored at home and decided to make myself a blog to write, to express myself and to inspire people with my life journey. 

In this blog, I share all my personal stories and life journey with people around me. Blogging to me is a virtual platform to share my passion and things that I enjoyed and hopefully for you to be inspired. 

I am happily married with the love of my life, Aily and had an amazing boy together. Borneo-born and residing in peninsular - still a lady that belongs to the land below the wind. 

I enjoy every little things that I did. Love singing, reading and writing. 

I  built and run a company at the age of 25 years old. The company's name is Diet Ideas Sdn. Bhd. it is the first mobile medical nutrition consultancy company in Malaysia and I aimed to bring it higher to the international level. 

Whenever I told people that I run my own company and my personal stories, people will tell me that I achieved a lot of things despite my young age. 

And you asked, what is my biggest achievement? 

building a company? - nope. 

It was giving birth to my own blood and half of my flesh, Mikael. 

I hope with my stories and life experience, it can help to inspire all of you to always become the best version of yourself. 

Thank you for reading and supporting me in this journey. 

Until then :)