About Me


I was thinking, if I were to get married back in 2013, I must have a 5 years old kid by now. But, the only amazing thing I did back in that years was finishing my matriculation and started this blog. Hence, all my 5 years stories were virtually compiled here. 

I am a Dietitian,  residing in Peninsular,  still a girl that belongs to the land below the wind. I enjoy every little things that I did, love singing and always wanted to be someone who can inspire people by the things I do and I experienced.  

Hence, blogging to me is a virtual platform to share my passion and things that I enjoyed and hopefully for you to be inspired. 

Inside me residing a heart that likes all the pretty things from the smallest particles to the gigantic world and also an enthusiast for so many things which I can't even list off.

I am learning to respect every details about someone, and wish mine to be respected as well.

So, welcome to the place, that I dare to spill every little details about me! If you are new here, feel free to read the years ago journal of mine.

 And yes, I blog everything!

Thank you for reading and keep supporting me on this journey!

Typing with love,
Masfara Wahidah AR


  1. PLEASE blog more about dietition. I want to learn more about dietition because I'm interested and curious about it

    1. Hye Najihah Amirah, thanks for your interest on my blog, as a token of appreciation, I presented to you my clinical life, feel free to read. hope this can give you an overview on how we as a dietetics students live. https://mammiapappia.blogspot.my/2017/03/life-of-final-year-dietetics-student.html