As I mentioned in my previous blogspot, my brother is my mentor and also he has some shares in Diet Ideas. 

So, you know, that I like to write. That time, when I gave my brother some documents, it was nicely written and I took few days to week to settle it, and he also complimented me that that documents is neatly, wisely written, yet he only saw for a second and closed it and asked me about numbers. Maybe you think, this is cliche, and I don't blame you for that. I remember in my previous organisation, my superior kept on telling me to present him numbers, not words. Somehow, it's very hard for me to digest it, since, in my stand, for people to understand numbers, they should understand words. But, what my brother taught me today, makes me realised, yes, that's number, and why we need numbers. We need reason to understand things, right?

When I was in Sabah, he told me that he wants me to visit some organisations and meet some people to discuss about my bussiness, how should we scale up, and who to refer for the development, which industry should I know, which ministry should I keep in track with, all sort of things that related to business growth and developments. Easier for both of us, since I lived in KL, I have easy access to these sorts of organisations.

So, for almost 2 weeks, I made my research, visit this place, met this person, called this person, discuss with that person and so many many many things that I did. 

And today, about an hour ago, I had a called with my brother, to present him with the things, and what's my findings look like. After I finished presenting to him and all sort of things. We discussed about problem arises in Diet Ideas, how should we handle that, what's positive and what's negative and how's the next move. 

At the end of my discussion, my brother reminded me about what the task that he has given me last time. 

He asked, so,

 "what's the common answer that they give?"

With confidence, I replied him: 

"We have to at least have 2 years audited financial accounts, but Diet Ideas is not yet reaching 2 and also, we have to have a very strong cashflow"

So, he asked me again :

"So, you see, what's important?" 

"Cashflow?", I replied. 

"YES", he replied. 

And I said. "I know, cashflow is very important"

He again said: 

"You only know the theory, but, I am showing you the reality, when you are in business, excellent cashflow and financial account are very important, business people, talk about this matter. It does not matter how famous your company is in the eye of the public, but business people will only talk about your ROI, how much profits you can make in a month, or how long did your company to take to break even, and what's very important for Diet Ideas is the first 3 years. It evaluates if you can sustain your business, if the bussiness worth the long term investment, or how. In order to achieve this, is your financial account, nothing else. Not how many followers you have on social media. These things will come if you have a strong cashflow" 


For you to build up a sustainable and profitable business, your financial account is very important. the rest will follow. 

Thanks for reading. Good night.