You know that, when we were in school, whenever we have an exam or test,  we tend to memorise some of the factual things like, History subject, Islamic Studies, Bible Studies or even as simple as Physical Education subject. 

So, yeah, because I memorised everything for the sake of getting grade A. It happened that, I chose to study in depth about Islamic studies. I learnt about so many things from Syariah Islamiah to Quran Sunnah to Qiraat and so many many things. I was glad that I learnt and memorise everything. I never know that, this knowledge is actually helping me in leading my way. I am far from being a good muslim. But, I am trying my way in every possible way to be one.  

Finish talking about school. Now, let's talk about working life.  My working life was quite interesting. During my first job, whenever my non muslim colleagues were drinking, they understand things that we should do and should not do as a muslim. They knew about this because they were living together with their muslim friends. 

However, it was different on my second job. Alcohol is a must in every parties and occasions. Since, it is their culture, and  of course, we should respect that. And honestly, I am glad to work there and spent some fraction of my age with them. I get to learn about people's behaviours whenever they are drinking or get drunk, and also, I get to learn different types of alcohols, price and so many more things. 

Now, I am in super different role and different career pathway, and I am on my own. I met people from various backgrounds, different upbringing and so many more. From that group of entrepenuers, they are some people whom I am closed with and we always meet up for a catch up about each other's business and related discussion.   There were times, when I had to reject some invitations since the place was far from being muslim friendly. So, I had to explain myself why I can't go  and honestly I felt bad of doing that, especially when they change the place just to make sure my presence. 

And since I am the youngest, too young and can be called their daughter or granddaughter haha , they always pay for my meals.  

There were times, when I had a meeting with someone, and this time around, I offered to pay.  But, I told her, that,  I will pay for everything except alcohol. So, that got us both into a long discussion about why this and why that. One thing that I liked on our discussion. She told me that to never say sorry about this matter.  It's one principles and it's stated in our belief. Be proud with it and don't say sorry and she felt thankful that I am being upfront about this and also felt bad that most of her muslim friends, especially men will pay for the meals with alcohol, when in fact they also did not drink. 

Another event was also, the same, I had a catch up with another founder from a tech company, I told him I am gonna pay but not for his alcohol. He obviously did not drink, and he ended paid for our meals and I asked him why, cause I was afraid that I made him feel offended. But, he told me, that it's common sense since he was the one who invited me for a lunch, so he shall pay and I will only pay when I invited him for  a meet up. 

I was so glad that I memorise all the factual religious things, and I would like to share 10 things, we muslim, cannot be associated with alcohol beverages. 

1) Those who make the alcohol for themselves.

2) Those who help to make the alcohol. 

3) Those who drink it.

4) Those who carry it. 

5) Those to whom it is carried.

6) Those who give it to others.

7) Those who sell it. 

8) Those who use the money made from it. 

9) Those who purchased it. 

10) Those from whom it is purchased. 

قال أنس بن مالك : لعن رسول الله في الخمر عشرة : عاصرها ومعتصرها وشاربها وحاملها والمحمولة إليه وساقيها وبائعها وآكل ثمنها والمشتري لها والمشتراة له.. 

(Based from Hadith related to Ibn Majah & At-Thirmidhi) 

and also, I found this article that Christian, Hindu & Buddhist also are prohibited to drink alcohol. I know about christian because when I was a student, I also read Bible to learn, but I am not sure about Hindu & Buddhist? May I should learn about this too! 

Thanks for reading!