Hello aunty aunty and uncle uncle, meet Mikael here! 

Hi guys, I am back. Long time, I did not write here. This is no longer an excuses, but actually the reality now. Blogging has become the lowest priority. Number one, because I am quite busy with Diet Ideas, and second one, technology has become very advance, that I use Instagram often. I can just click a photo and upload it, within a second, Tara! people know about my update. But, with blog, it's quite different. However, I decided to keep blogging and paying the domain. Mainly because its like a virtual diary, and my history. Whatever things happened around me, I can just google and read that back. And also, easier for people to stalk me. HAHAHA. #overconfident. Hamimah and some other friends told me, that I should consider being an influencer cause I have this overconfident trait. Well, I can, and I love to be one. The only thing I don't like is, I have to unprivate my Instagram,. So, nope. I rather be an influencer among all my friends. According to Homam, ( he is the founder of the media startup who is linking influencer and the people who wants to advertise),  the lower the number of followers, the higher the conversion rate. Meaning that, if you hire an influencer with 1M followers, the conversion rate is lower compared to influencer Wirth only less than 10k followers. When I think about it, that quite make sense. Influencer with 10k followers are closer to the audience compared to 1M followers. In  the human psychology, nothing can beat "high touch" , which we defined as an interaction. So, yup. Let's be an influencer with a lower number of followers - increasing trust factor. 

Guys!!!! do you know, today is the my husband's birthday and also, Diet Ideas has achieved the highest revenue ever since we have operated!! it's only 9 days, but we managed to break the record on the day 4 itself on December!!!! So, I want to document it here. This is one of the great lesson and happening in real life. Manjadda Wajadda! If you work hard towards it, you will get the fruits of what you have planted! More to come for Diet Ideas!! 

Okay, I think I shall ciao now, I will try to type more, in fact everyday here. I will spent at least 10 mins of my time to document about my last month in 2020!

Anyway, before I forgot, Mikael now is very very cute, last night, we went to Summit Shopping Mall, he wants to walk on his own, and running here and there. He thinks he is 17 years old already leaping in shopping mall. haha. Mikael, if you reading this, I am not sure if this platform still exist on 20 years from now, but, Summit is where's mom's office is located and also, the mall you are running .... I am not sure if it's still there after 20 years. We'll see. Coz, not many people and too many competitors around it. The owner should consider working hard on it, to make sure it lives again. 

Okay, bye bye all! I'll check in again tomorrow.