I change the post tittle to a shorter one. haha, so, if you are looking for a part 1, click here. 

This is my office table. Ignore it. haha. 

I almost forgot to write things here! But, I managed to keep my promise. I will spent 10 minutes of my time, writing something on my blog. 

Guys, last night, I had a meeting on the progression of Diet Ideas, and I am very very motivated to make sure we go to the international level!!! I only need 3 years to develop the brand and stability, and after that, we will going global! 

Also, last night, we celebrated a simple birthday celebration for Aily. This year is the simplest! Now, I understand why our parents seem don't care about birthday celebration already. The older we get, we don't seem to care about it, as long as our family is healthy and happy. That all matters! I haven't post the birthday photo yet into my Instagram. That also make me think that, people can't commit to more than one social media. That's why some of my friends are active on instagram, some of them on twitter and some of them on Facebook. Now, I get why Mark Zuckerberg integrate sharing option from Instagram to other medium, simply because he does not want to lose any users. I am very active on Instagram, but my Facebook is also still alive. Because there is a sharing button. I shared my post from Instagram to Facebook. Imagine, if Mark Zuckerberg did not come up with that idea? maybe Facebook is gonna become another Myspace. Great Work Mark! More to come for Facebook ! The only thing that I don't like about Facebook now, is the advertising fee is very expenisive compared to the yesteryears, according to digital advertisers. 

Ok, now I shall go back to work again. We are gonna launching another line of bussiness, and while strengthening our consultation business!. 

I'll come back again tomorrow! Wait, no. tomorrow is holiday? but, will see. Bye bye.