Hi everyone! I am back again. This morning I started my work at exactly 8 am, from my in-law's house. Yup, yesterday, we went back to Perak. Aily took 5 days leaves and I could not afford to take leave, the main reason because, my laptop is calling me to open it. Do you know that my second brand, which is under the Diet Ideas (Kakan) in my dream, won an award! haha. See, how much I miss working. 

Anyway, few days ago, I ordered a premium Sarawak layer cake, for Aily birthday to be celebrated here! and it's arrived as early as 730am today!

Mikael and his grandparents are so happy playing since last night. Mikael is their first grandchild. So, you guys know the deal! haha. On another note, I miss my parents, and I wanted to go back to Sabah, after Yusren, came to KL to sign a deal with me and him. haha. 

Last but not least, the blue book is not your normal planner ok. It's a special edition executive organiser from Diet Ideas! Grab it if you haven't on our website or just CLICK HERE!

100% people and customers told us, this organiser is amazing! So what are you waiting for? 

Grab it now, before it went out of stock! bye bye.