Hi everyone. I was just looking at my instagram bio, and I decided to click on my personal website link, and I saw the post I update was about Good Bye 2020. 

I have a little update to those who are still alive here. My number 1 update, my instagram still private, and the second update, my instagram is now becoming a super private. My followers were 1.8K++ now is only 300++. I reduced my instagram circle to only my kampung friends, my best friends, my school friends and uni friends. Some of the uni friends from different courses I removed too. I was not breaking my friendship with them, but my instagram is I am exposing my private life, so, I imagine I will become a very famous person in the future, so I rather behave. LOL. Kidding. 

Update: I have my own professional instagram now, please follow here

I am updating mammiapappia today, because I would like to share few update with all of you! 

Meet my Diet Ideas' Family. This photo was taken when we were shooting for Diet Ideas Raya Campaign. haha. Some of them are not here ok. IF you wanna check on our raya campaign, please don't forget to check at #DietIdeas Instagram at @bydietideas. 

Alhamdulillah, Diet Ideas growing so well. I am so very happy and blessed to have a great team with me to build Diet Ideas. Diet Ideas now have our own office unit, where most people complimented us for having a big office for a new company. Most importantly, Diet Ideas also have a big printer/photocopy machine, the one that you saw at printing shop.! okay, we have that in the office. Now, you know we don't play play with our business. Diet Ideas now is growing where we have 4 major departments. 

1) Sales , Marketing & Operation are handle by me. 
2) Dietetics & Service Department are handle by Siddeq and Jannah. 
3) Corporate Department is handle by Pika
4) HR and Kakan Department is handle by Aimi. 

InsyaAllah, before we expanded another department, we have to grow this department first. Please pray for us okay!  See you guys at the top! To those who have seen me growing ever since I was just stupidly blogging about things haha, up until now, thank u for your supprt. Like usual, please dont forget to click the iklan ok. kidding. 

Thank u everyone for your time! I am implementing the 10minutes rules here!