So, I went back to Sabah for my first official business trip. It was not planned and I decided to fly home after having a morning meeting with my brother a.ka. one of the directors in Diet Ideas! 

The business trip supposed to take only 1 day, but I decided to bring Aily and Mikael to join me, so we stayed 2 nights there. We did not have the chance to visit any good places in Sabah, however, we did enjoyed all the good foods there. 

We stayed in Sabah Oriental Hotel, it was a decent hotel with a good price. I remembered staying there with my family, and I had a good memories with this hotel. My brother was the one who suggested this hotel, as my first choice was #Hilton or #Le Meridien. But, it was not bring any pain to try another option. Turned out, it was such a nice stay. 

It was my first time facing my brother as my business partner. He brought such a different vibes as he masked himself as a businessperson. A successful one. I only knew that he has some lines of bussiness until he told me about another branches of business he had and how he handled everything. I was being blown away. 

I came from a business family. It was a plus point for me. But,  I never really use that benefits to see them as my mentor. Aily kept on telling me, that I should be grateful to be surrounded by my first line of blood who runs a successful business, but I did not really care about it, until I met him for this business trip. 

When I think back, it was so funny. I have great mentors in front of me who shown a successful records of business with higher ROI, but the stupid me, was searching for a mentor that I did not even know their history. that kept on bragging about themselves instead of teaching me. haha. But, I am no longer stupid. haha. chill ok. 

This was my face, it was almost 10pm and we just head out for lunch. Pity Mikael, he did not wanna sleep if I don't sleep :P . It was such a great discussion about the mission for Diet Ideas in a long run. How we envisioned this to make a successful company and many more. 7 hours discussion is just not enough. 

When we were about to settle down and sleeping, my brother called me to continue about the discussion.  It was never ending, but I am super happy and even motivated to work more for Diet Ideas. Even Harder and harder. 

What I learnt from this business trip aside from talking about all those business language are: 

Before starting a business, ask yourself. Did I make business because I see a lot of people are doing bussiness? or that's what I really wanted? 
This part is very crucial. Whether you want to start a business because of the money, or because of the fame or because of whatever reason you want is actually determine your value and  where your business is going in the future. 

I always question myself. Why. why why. is it because I don't like 9 to 5 job, or because I want good money, or because I want fame.  

The answer is no. I always wanted to do it, because that's my passion. I am okay with 9 to 5 job and I can work extra hours. If I were looking for good money, my previous work was paying me well. Fame? Hmm. when I started Diet Ideas, we have a discussion to enhance ourself with personal branding, you know the word of , Masfara Wahidah the founder of Diet Ideas. But, I think that was so wrong and super wrong. I am usually very proud of anything but, for this part, I am shy to even bear that title. Number 1, because, I am nothing and Diet Ideas is still a baby. The word founder is very big, and to bear that title , is you have to have a proven records of success, else, people would think, we are just a playing founder. That's what I think. I may be wrong and you may be disagree with me. But, that's okay. 

Secondly, when you decided to start a business. Ask yourself, are you okay to invest your money into something that is uncertain. I almost burn a hole of my bank for Diet Ideas. I can cry, but somehow inside, I feel satisfied with that. People may call me stupid. But, don't you think that's true passion when you feeling satisfied over something that is against people logic? 

Thirdly, what I learnt during the 3 months operation of Diet Ideas. This is very important. I wanted to have a work life balance for my employees and for me. That's very true, and it's very important. But. No. After, I gave sometime to analyse things, operation meaning an operation. You can't stop but keep on running. You can rest, but make sure there is someone to cover you while you are resting. And after running Diet Ideas,  what I think, work life balance is only applied for people who need a stable and secure life, who does not give much of the effort. In startup, time is very importance. While we are having our rest day, company need to pay us, and operation has to go on and we definitely can't waste our time. 

Fourthly, ask yourself again, are you sure you want to do this? if you think you are very sure, welcome to entrepreneurship life. I can't wait to see you onboard with me. 

See you soon with new post! 

Please help to pray for Diet Ideas.
Bye bye all!