Hello I am back. Wait, I heard a lot of you wanted to know about Diet Ideas and my life update? haha.  ok kidding. Maybe some of you want to know or some of you just does not care. The fact that you came to my blog maybe because you cares about me :) or just wanted to know my story because I have shared a lot of things with all of you. Ever since, I was a student to this age.. I wanted to share everything like the good old days, however, sometimes I feel so tired that I rather reading than writing. Trust me, every night my mind was so riled up to write, but what my body wanted was just lazying on my bed playing with Aily and Mikael or reading books. 

Let’s do a quick catch up of of whats have been happening with my life. 


Mikael is now very very very clever. He started to pronounce some words and he is very great in calling her dad "daddy, dedeh, day" or sometimes, when I played with him in the evening while waiting for Aily to come home, out of sudden, I called "daddy" and he immediately look into the door and waiting if his daddy is arrived home already. 

Or usually, I will ask Siri to call my husband..

"Hey Siri. call my husband"

"Calling Suamiku sayang.."

*Aily put that name on my phone, he said, every time Ilook at my phone, I will chant Suamiku sayang, and its a prayer so that I will love my husband forever, and Aily does the same on his mobile phone - Isteri ku sayang*

So, whenever I ask Siri to call my husband, Mikael would grabbed my phone and waiting for Aily to pick up. I would put him on loudspeaker, and there he go, 

"dedddeh. aaaa nyannyaynya deddehh" , Mikael asking a question to his dad. 

"Yes, I am on my way home, expected to arrive home by 645pm"- Aily replied. 

"baba" - he said bye bye. 

and since Mikael is very millennial, he doesn't end the conversation by pressing the red button, but throwing my phone away, just like that. 

As a result, my new iPhone is broken. 

Very millennial... and clever. hmm

and also. 

My mom would call me every week, randomly at night. asking, how's the update with my business so far? how many transactions are in everyday? 

and if I answer something like.. "oh, today, we only managed to secure this amount etc etc" 

My mom would say, Alhamdulillah, everyday every time every second, I prayed for you, for your happiness and for your business. May my daughter become someone who is very great and inspiring to many people. 

and if I answer something like.. " oh, in term of sales, today does not do well bla bla bla"

My mom will say, that's normal in business. Look at your dad. He started his business together with his friends, but it was so slow and all of his friends turn their faith away and start something else and working under people, but your daddy does not give up. Motivation. 

My mother afraid that I will lose my motivation. But, I told my mom, I am doing something that I love. Even though I don't get my ROI quick, don't worry, I am still pumped up to wake up early morning for to start my work,.


There is a lot of things going on with Diet Ideas, and I am so happy to see the progression. Nurin, who is the one who handle the operation mentioned that she is very very busy and I also not dare to disturb her during month end and early month. She is becoming very scary during that time. She does not care whoever you are, but if it is against the law, you will not get it. For example. We lost our parking tickets, and definitely we can't claim. Trying to slow talk with her also, cannot. So, you don't play with Nurin Iman. 

Diet Ideas has a lot of development and we are looking to hire an IT person and another 1 dietitian  to take care about our company's technology and to help with nutrition part. We are still baby, but definitely, we are progressing well, and I am beyond happy. Honestly, I am so caught up with a back to back meeting and call. Just a mins ago, I received a call from PayrollPanda to discuss about this and that, and in the morning I had a meeting with Celeste and Ying Xin to discuss about confinement myths and whether it is scientifically proven or what. Meeting them, makes me misses Zu Wei and Shi Huey! Hello, are you reading this? I miss you here! 

So, if you are looking for Diet Ideas website currently www.dietideas.com.my , it is not that great like other company, but don't worry, there is something happening behind. So, I really can't wait to show you. 

Anyway, in another few hours, I have a meeting with some media discuss about Diet Ideas. Ok, I can't share with you the details! Yet. 


Hmm. Now, I should really revised my friendship circle. Ok. Kidding. I know a lot of people, and I am easily build my friendship circle. All of my close friends are away from me, so , we only do virtual thingy, and the only close friends with me now are Nurin and Mimah. But, we don't really talk much about any personal things like friends friends now, but we are more into business, how to develop Diet Ideas to be something great and how do we achieve that and that. 

However,  am I the only one who thinks that connecting virtually on social media is also a part of building a great friendship connection? 

or maybe not.  Now, after writing this blog, I just realised, my life is much evolved on work and family only. Social Media is the one that helps to connect and maintain our friendship connection, but not physically. 

Anyway.  Nevermind. Gotta go now. Bye all. 
Thanks for reading. I plan to write more things very frequent here. But, I am not sure if I can do that. Bye bye.