My life is running pretty fast. So quick, that every time I want to write new thing on my blog. other new things happened. While I am typing this, it is 12.24am in the morning. I usually sleep at 9 or 10pm, but I was a little energetic to clean the house and to do some office works. Anyway, I am looking for someone who can help me to do some minor revamp on my blog - since I got no time to do that . If you know about this blog thingy , please DM me on my instagram @akwahidah or my Facebook or just simply email me. cheap cheap only ok.  

Today, my whole family went to swimming and Kak Fatin, replied to our instastory reminiscing the day when we go swimming together, she mentioned that I always got my leg cramped during swimming. I totally forgot about that but I remembered I made a blogpost about our swimming event. So, I checked my blogpost and Voila. I wrote the part where I got my legs cramped during swimming. Read about that post HERE . Blog is always the best place to write our memories. So, I decided to pen down another memories here. 

* * * *.*

Last week, Aily and I decided to go swimming and we directly went to Decathlon for shopping. Each of us get ourselves a pair of swimsuits with the swim cap and for Mikael is a swimming diapers.

We started swimming already and Aily decided to make it as our weekly fitness activity for the whole family. He better be. We bought those swimsuits almost half thousand. Make it beneficial. 

A lil bit snippets of our today's swimming video. I went up from the pool to take this video. They look lovely right! Aily is becoming super handsome. My abang sado !

Our first family photo swimming together in a pool. 

We were so rushing that we don't have time to see the price tag and no fitting too. Just take and paid. This was the fastest shopping experience ever. Everything done in less than 10 mins. 

Straight away wear our new swimsuits. 

Mikael is so cute, I was looking for a baby swimsuit, but I saw all babies swimming they just wear swimming diaper, even the teacher at academy mentioned, baby boy below 12 month, wear swimming diaper is enough already. hehe

Good Night Everyone!


I was laying next to Aily before I decided to open my laptop to write a blog about us. The moment I standing up from the bed, Aily immediately woke up and grabbed my hands and legs. He is half conscious that he thought I might fall down from the bed. I felt that so lovely, even when he is in his half consciousness state, he still work on his responsibility towards me. So much love for this man. Thanks Allah for giving me this man. My life is super blessed.