Swimming is one of the exercises that involved no sweating, but body aching. Last night I went swimming with Fatin at the D'swim academy, located at the Panasonic Stadium. After a countless failed plan, we decided to break the day with swimming! I don't have swimming suit and tried to do some online purchasing, but to no avail, no immediate COD available, so.. rushingly I went to Aeon Shah Alam, straight to the swimsuit section. The sales girl, directed me to the Burqini section (it's a muslimah swimwear) hehe, but I told her, nevermind, I prefer the One-Piece (covers up to the knee) type , so I searched through and found the perfect one for me! I wish I can upload a photo of mine in this post, but it's too obscene to be posted here.

Never did we know, this pool is the place where swimmers do training and a swimming class was also conducted.. being the the only group who did not know how to swim, it was really a bad idea going to this pool. Everyone was practicing their own swimming strokes or swimming motion you may call, not for Fatin and I. While, all the swimmers were swam away, back and forth.. Fatin and I were on the other hand. We were stuck at the side of the pool, chit chatting to each other and trying to conceal the embarrassment we faced. Soon, after 30 minutes, we started to get familiar and with the little knowledge I had of swimming, I started to show off my strokes to Fatin hehehehe, but.. my legs cramped!

You may surprise reading this post about me- don't know how to swim. Despite my good engagement with water, sea, ocean and my water activity back in my hometown.. I am the unfortunate one in the family who does not know how to swim, you know.. the younger-kids-syndrome.

You also know, I don't like exercising, but swimming is, I hope.. become one of my physical activity in order to stay healthy.. you know.. it's involved no sweating... and I like my freshly-new swimsuit HAHA.

..... I plan to buy a cheap swimsuit, but I know, I want to use it longer.. but no swimsuit is cheap & I wanted to swim now!

.....It's a waste that I don't know how to swim, while the ocean is a just kilometer away from home.

..... I caught a mild cold and keep on sneezing until today.

It's not too late to learn swimming, It's okay to look struggle in the pool. Because when you cared the most about the looks and what other people thought about you.. you will achieve nothing.. So, those who does not know how to swim... especially for Kak Fatin Farina.. because she went to pool many times, but still don't know how to swim. HAHAH lol.

Managed to make it less obscene for blog viewing.

You may guess which one is which. 

Thanks for reading.