This is a note I'm writing because I don't know how to sleep now - I can't sleep. After lunch, I headed to this place which is only a building away from my office. About 5 mins walk. This post surely talking about nothing, it just that I need to write. Hiatus getting dissolved in myself, so I abandoned this blog a little bit. 

At some point, I wanted to be a serious blogger, but I knew myself really well. I can't deliver my best and can't follow my schedule. On a funny side, usually my excellent work will arise when I am pressurised. That's why I was excelled on my clinical exam - because I wanted Japan so bad. 

* * * * * * * * 

Talking about serious blogging - I need to have these things : 
1) Expensive equipment - I don't care about this, Aily bought me a camera, but I seldomly used it, Yna placed hers with me, but I never bothered to unbox. So, I have my own now.
2) Photographer - HAHAHHAHA. Honestly, I am bit shy when taking my own photo alone. 

Last 2 days, I was in Malacca, and I shall says, I had a great company to spend my quality time. These photo were taken back in Puri Hotel Melaka. Judging from the exterior design & how the atmosphere of the old building brings,  this hotel looks like a meh. But, I bit my tongue. It was awesome and has it's own authenticity!

The hotel was located in front of the this line of building. So, you know right..

Interior Design of this hotel. 

And, below are my photos with my lil awkward posing. 

I was wearing a strips down pants which I bought from Padini Store a week ago ( Story behind the pant: I desperately need a complete pairs of clothes to change from my super sophisticated baju kurung as I brought no spare clothes)  complete with the sandals. The looks is also completed by a Michael Kors Dark Blue Leather Backpack.

Excuse me. 

Sitting outside of the Puri Cafe and trying thousand of poses. 

Finally, the photo that I like the most.