Because this is one of the serious phase.. in life.. and how much it impacted your happiness.  

Years ago, I believe I was a traditional lady who sees marriage is a pure relationship, where lady would do what they should do. I did not mention wife- for a reason. Soon I started working, circles of matured people even wider and having to witness the truest meaning of marriage for some people, it scares me. Stories from the society makes me portrays that happy ending or happily ever after wasn't positive. 

Being a woman who obviously an over thinker, I have so many if's in my head... 

What if this happen.. 
what if that happen..
What if thing goes wrong.. 
And millions of ifs.

If you are talking about the lady's in the 90century  or early 2000.. it was such a nice picture, looking at the marriage where husband goes to work, and wife does the chores, prepare for the households and take care of the kids. Cooking fav dishes for the family and salam the husband before he off to work. That was a decade ago. 

The scenario at this age

Women these days. 
They are surely an early riser. 
Prepare breakfast. 
Off to work.
Reached home. 
Prepare dinner. 
Do the chores. 
If they have kids some more. 
Prepare the kids. 

Men these days. 
(Disclaimer: for ungrateful men ONLY)
Also an early riser (or no?) but later then the wife. 
Eat breakfast. 
Off to work. 
Reached home. 
Eat dinner. 
Watch TV.
Just play with the kids? or game?

Why do women need to get married if they are going to work for the boss and work for the husband? 

I once ask someone..  a man obviously. 
"If you are going to get married.. who's gonna iron your clothes? and all..."

"My wife"

and the discussion went on fire. 

I'm burning obviously. 

I asked him again (sounds provoking him).
So, you mean your wife is your maid? Ops, no, inferior than the maid? Because wive these days.. they also go to work, to maintain the financial stability .. so, labeling something should be done by the wife is a BIG NO. Simply because marriage means sharing. Sharing of everything.  

It makes me jump into the conclusion.. marriage should be pure and always will be, where you bow to each other, making promises to live forever thru thick and thin. but, if you married to the wrong person.. a hopeless kind of guy..

.... then, it become hell for a woman. 

So, how do we determine which one is the best guy? No. We don't.. 
..nope. we can't determine them. You experience yourself. 
It's like a chess. 
You move, then only you know. 
And, I scared how my marriage canvas looks like. 

Or because I wasn't ready for marriage that I dare to jump into this conclusion. 

I don't know. 

and of course I am being bias to my gender. 


Lets world be the better place,  Will us?