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I went to Waxing Centre as I've been wanting to try waxing, but of course, I did not have the courage to do so and obviously I had zero knowledge of it until Fatin introduced me to this centre.  So, I found the website HERE and look through the info. I decided to go to Shah Alam Centre, Section 7.  

There are a few waxing centre that caught my eyes, and most of them, offer higher pricey range, but not for this salon. For the interior design, this wax centre shows it aesthetic value of half-prep looks Brooklyn cottage styles. Still, it offers contemporary services, and their staffs were very friendly. So, it brings extra positivity towards waxing. 

Upon registration, the receptionist will requests for your details and give you a first timer promo price (for Brazillian & Undearm). 

You will be assigned to each room and the therapist will request you to take off your clothes and lay down on the bed. In case if you shy, you may cover with the towel provided in that room. I was requesting for underarm waxing only. 

Was consider to go for Brazilian, but, I was super shy of showing off my private part to other people... and from my reading as well, waxing your private part is very painful and you may scream your nerve. So, I double check with the therapist and she told me, it was because of the coarse hair at that part. 

Another rejection factor why I did not go for brazillian was because of the hair length. Before you go to meet your therapist, it would be best, if you can keep your hair at at least 3 cm,but... is there any people could stand that longer? So, in my case, I will never go for Brazillian because I can't stand seeing my private part hairy. I love baldness. 

So, this is how the environment in that waxing room. You may choose to do IPL or just waxing. Ignore the wax splashes on the wall. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a semi-permenant hair reduction from the hairy part of your body. This process is totally different from the waxing as IPL -  weaken the root of the hair and slowing their growth. They also claimed IPL can guarantee to lighten up the pigmentation and reduce ingrown.

In terms of the price, there was a first timer promo - Brazillian & Underarm are only RM49 + RM1 respectively!.  But, if you do underarm only, they will charge you for a different price as well. However, the promo may vary according to their terms and condition, so you better call them first before walk in. Appointment can be made through online or phone call. As for me, I made my appointment thru their website and 3 days before the date, they called me, but I did not pick up, so they sent me a text! It was as easy as ABC. 

During the waxing, it took less than 3 minutes to complete the session. Therapist pasted the wax on my underarm and about 30 seconds of waiting.. zaaapp!!!!!! The zapping only took a second and if I could rate it, the pain was only 2/10 or no pain at all? it was tolerable. So, I voiced out my thought to that therapist, and she said, because my underarm had fine hair, thats why I can feel almost no pain at all. Soon after the waxing, the therapist then applied some moisturiser on my under arm and advised me not to swim and no hot water for 24 hours because the pores were clearly opened atm.

Because the session was super short and I asked some question to that therapist and according to her: 

 - My under arm hair was short, so she advised me to keep it longer before went to do waxing.. but, it was..... long....... 

Okay, so for the first timer, you will get RM20 credit into your member account, and upon registration, you will have to fill up a form and of the section, there is a column in which they ask you about referral. From where did you heard about this Waxing Centre? So, you may fill up your the name of your friends and their phone numbers. 

Okay, so those who heard about this waxing salon, from my website, you may state it up as well and those who know me personally, you may place my phone number there, and taraaa.. you and me will get RM20 credit! HAHA. 

Will I go again? 

The therapist said my underarm hair was short for waxing, but thats the only length I can stand to keep. So, its a bit loses at my side. But.. it surely not my last time.. I will go someday. 

* * * * * * *

It's been almost 2 weeks post-waxing session, but there are no hairs grown just yet. So, i'm liking the result of this waxing. 


I'm not into shaving. So, using razor blade is a big no for me.. I mean, I tried once. It gives immediate effect and less effort, but.. you will cry for the consequences. So, sometimes I used tweezer, but.. depends on how hardworking I am at that moment. 

Usually I will use hair removal cream from Veet. It's comes with many selections, according to your type of skins. Available for dry skin, sensitive and normal skin. 

As for me, I used both Normal and Sensitive. You just have to wait for 3 to 5 minutes and the hair will come off naturally. Don't apply for too long, it will burn you skin. I used this for both of my underarm and private part. 

(Note: Please read the instruction carefully, if you wish to apply this on your private part)

It comes with travel size too. Will save this for travel kit. 

Thanks for reading!