Ok. I'm neither an avid fans of Spaghetti nor noodles kind of food. But, I have to admit, this is easier to cook and less hassle. I started know how to cook pasta back in year 2 of University. No one teaches me back then. It's self learning you may called. It was an easy-peasy. 

The only thing that I don't like when cooking pasta is ,I need to have a strong grip in order to open the tightly fitted lid of Spaghetti Sauce Jar. In fact, I don't know the techniques. I once called my sister asking her to assist me thru phone call, the only thing I remembered was, I need to press the button at centred of lid, then only I twist it. 

Honestly, it's been few years, since I knew how to cook pasta (yes, I know its simple, but still..) and every time I bought a ready made spaghetti sauce, I will experience this problem. Struggle to open the lid. 

To make story short, it was past 12 am. I felt a little bit hungry and my fruits were out of stock. I did not want to eat biscuits simply because, it will make myself a bit dehydrated. So, I decided to make a simple dish and it was Spaghetti! I made a portion for 2, since I can refrigerate it until tomorrow.  

Like any other cook, pasta needs to be boiled first, so I did. I prepared the ingredients and thaw the sausage. So, without wasting any time, I prepared the sauce and arghhhhhhhhh I forgot that I have this love hate relationship with this jar.

So, I googled. I browsed on Youtube. It was 1 am. I felt sleepy. not that hungry anymore. But, I boiled the pasta already, and I can't stop at that point. Without giving up, I tried to open the jar.  
Gripped it tightly. 

Argh. This can't be happened. 

So, I tapped the lid of that jar with a Stone Mortar. I tapped at the centred button, and I turned the lid and taraaaaaaaa! 

It's opened. 


So, the key point is: Make sure to deal with the button, before attempting to open it. 

How to open the jar? 

1) Prepare the stone mortar. 
2) Tap the centre button. 
3) Turn the lid. 

Good night!