It's been 5 years that I started blogging. It was all started back to the days when I finished my matriculation and start this things off. Like any other blogger, I also underwent the phase of giving up, where no one reads my blogpost, and I got no inspiration to do it, simply because I did not have the motivation. But, life should be going up.

Although, I stay idled for a year. I started realised that I will come back to my blog whenever I felt sad, or whenever I have things to say, but did not want to voice out. In which many things better to be left unsaid. So, this place came in handy! I managed to write what I want, to write poems and little did I know, it's like a therapy. Or else- I felt grumpy.

For the past few months, I've been connected to so many successful people and they have their own way to achieve what they want. The first thing came into my mind was - I have my blog, I can make it a website. So, the stories began. I purchased my own domain, and looking for a designer who can design this site and being the impatience me, I rushed her - I just dealt today, designing will be started tomorrow night.

Let's do things seriously, and surely, it will bring us the fruits!

Hopefully. It's a simple steps that lead to a million success.

Till then.