It was almost a week where KLIA2 has became my second home. I can say, it was almost everyday or with an interval a day, I ate Fast Food, Junk food, which we categorized it as an unhealthy foods. Until I realized, I am actually a fan of the biggest franchise McDonald (and Texas Chicken). Travelling back and forth making me opted for the Fast Food and I can't really resist the temptation of eating those.

I'm lovin it. As it chanting on mind, it makes me even craving. Although, it was only a day I had fast food, but I even wanted it for today. So, here I present you 7 ways to control yourself from eating unhealthy food.

1) Had your stomach pre-occupied

Letting your stomach empty is one of the biggest contribution of choosing fast food. Fast food as it's name depicted, means, food is thunderly-served. Quick. One of the way to control yourself from eating unhealthy food is to make sure your stomach to be occupied or at least 50% occupied before choosing something to eat.

2) Don't denied, but postpone. 

Denying your craving for some foods is devastating. The more you deny, the more you crave for it. In real life, when you postpone something, it has the tendency to bring failure. So, when you postpone to eat unhealthy food, you will have the tendency forgetting about those foods. But, make sure to eat them, or else you will binge.

3) Plan Ahead

Though it seems inconvenient, but planning your meal ahead is one of the way to avoid eating unhealthy food. Just plan for a week, which restaurants to go, and make sure to have a list of the places or menu you wanted to try.

4) Keep Healthy Foods Handy

As mentioned in point number 1, the reason why we go for fast food or something unhealthy was because of the hunger. We wanted something that can fulfil our stomach quickly. Just put some healthy snack bar or granola pack so that it helps to curb you hunger for awhile. While waiting for your fresh foods to be served, the calories within your healthy snack bar will be enough to keep you occupied while waiting for the serving time.

5) Control Unhealthy Foods Out of the Store

Now, lets check on the shelves, is there any instant noodle? or some junk food? canned foods? Lets try to keep that number in moderation. You may keep those processed food, but just be mindful  of the frequency of eating those. Once a month will be alright, or even twice a month will be considered, especially when you are too lazy to cook, or your kids throws tantrum that they wanted their food to be served immediately.

6) Pack your meal (lunch)

Peer influence. The hardest thing to avoid and the easiest one to absorb. Sometimes, when you are at the office, you tend to follow what your friends eat. So, what you do, just pack your lunch from home, but make sure to make it a healthy selection. Remember your #sukusukuseparuh.

7) Think the consequences of Unhealthy Food.

Sometimes when we think about the consequences of something, we will have the tendency to avoid them. So, just remember, when you eat too much of oily foods, means you will risk your heart, when you have too much sugar, it will cost you obesity or probably a sugar spike in your blood. Thinking negative about how food can affect your health is somehow important. It helps to control your madness towards unhealthy foods. 

Being said that, Nasi Lemak Burger by McD was 7/10. I like the idea and how they innovated something dearly to Malaysia. 

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