I managed to put Mikael to sleep after Isyak, at about 8pm ish. When he is sleeping, I decided to go outside and spending my time with Aily, while he is doing some finance things, I was thinking to sit next to him at the couch, with hope, to finish reading the book.

Ah, before that, I managed to eat a bowl of my sindul, it was only 3 spoons before I heard a baby macam merengek. 

Ok. there he go. Crying, looking for me. 

When he is done crying and back to sleep again, I set my foot outside ...and in less than 10mins, I heard him again. 

I did a 3 round trips from our room to the living room, before I deciced to read my book next to him. 

To my surprise, he did not even move a bit, and sleep silently. I even kissed him so many times, there is no signs of him waking up. 

and I wonder, does baby knows his mom is away?