First of all, I thank Allah for letting me to experience this beautiful journey of my life. Of having a supportive family, lovely and caring husband and a cute 2 months 17 days old son. I am beyond grateful to have them all. 

I never really like the fact that I was born in January. Because I was among the older one in the class and my birthday was always during the school time.

Today, I am a proud lady that I was born in January, simply because I have that 1 year time to be committed to achieve all my goals. As usual, when new year comes, everyone will be posting out their yearly resolutions. However, mine will be later than that, it's always on the 16th!

Alhamdulillah, praise to God that everything that I wished for last year, has been crossed off my goals. As a reward, I got myself a son :P.

My 24- 25 years old is all about focusing on the career, and work work work work, where I focus on increasing my saving so that I could retire early and of course to have a lot of money. Only then I realised, I did not really make enough sweet memories, except that, I got married and I had a baby, and I also went to honeymoon.
And in my 25years old - I also realised that I could have a lot of money, but I have no time to spend it and also I became greedy.  I target to achieve this amount, but once I reached, I think its never enough.

Wishes & Resolutions for my 26th years old. 

1) of course - to increase Mikael and my saving.
2) creating sweet memories, and it has be documented in this blog.
3) never fail to pay monthly zakat.
4) Japan/ Australia for Mikael's first birthday.
5) Improve my cooking skills.
6) consistently performing prayer.
7) must qada' puasa for 30 days before April, and pay the fidyah.
8) to plan Aily's birthday nicely.
9) to be an excellent wife for Aily.
10) to blog more.
11) to make sure, my little family 👪 has a matching outfits for every functions.

These resolutions are definitely achievable and doable.

My birthday dinner with lovely husband and a son (he is inside the stroller) 

Thanks for reading.