My 26th birthday will be on this coming Thursday, and I no longer excited as the years before. Major reason was, the excitement has been cut by Mikael's presence. I am really looking forward to his 1 year old birthday.

However, Aily being Aily. He is someone who likes making surprises and to be surprised. He likes to plan every romantic things and precise on every details of the planning. He remembered every special date, and me, is on the other side.
Usually, when it comes to Aily birthday, I will ask him what he wanted and it is an easy task for me, except the celebration. And on my birthday, Aily had a hard time picking up my gift. Not because I want to be surprised. But, because I do not know what I want.

This morning, before he went off to office, Aily told me, this coming Wednesday he has a very important meeting and I got what he meant really. It means that, I can't expect anything lovely during my birth-week. Such as pre celebration or something. As usually , I would want his utmost attentions and I would easily moody if he did not pay so much attention. Oh, that was during the girlfriend-boyfriend phase. However, this year is a lil bit different. I do not wanted any romantic celebrations as before, as long as Aily, Mikael and me in a good place, then that's all matter. #motherlyinstinct.

Today, I was checking what time he will be off from his office and from that, I would know his ETA, so that I could prepare dinner and serve it while it is still warm. But, he took a bit longer than expected. I know even if it is jammed, it won't take this longer, and I was positive that he was taking a detour.

Upon reaching home, I saw a big paper bag from komugi, and I know it is for me, but I pretended that I did not know that. #drama

"Darling, I bought you something, guess what"
" a cake?" still pretending.
"yes, i bought you chocolate cake"
"are we gonna cut it now, like now?"
"up to you, it's your birthday"
"can we cut it on the day itself? Or no, maybe tomorrow? I want to eat cake"
"red velvet is in the chiller" and he's laughing.
( I bought a slice of red velvet cake from pastryville. We both love red velvet, and the taste and quality are disappointing, it's a sponge cake where they put red coloring and layered it with cream, we end up not eating)

                                                                               *   *   *  *

He doesn't change since the first time we had our birthday celebrations.
I remember on our first ever birthday, I celebrated his birthday in kampung baru and he celebrated my birthday in one of the posh Spanish restaurant. I forgot the name. Hahaha. I was not sure why I picked kampung baru. Luckily, he still wanted me to be his wife.
Of many birthdays and sweet memories together and forever.

(the above entry was written on the 14th of January) 

                                                                               *   *   *  *

Today (15th January)
We are still not opening the cake yet, and he told me this morning that we should open the cake at 12 am tonight.