Daddy and I. 

So, mom and I were hospitalised for monitoring. The first 3 days of my life, mom was not with me as I was warded at Paediatrics ward and mom at the post-natal ward.

However, I managed to be with mom, 2 hours after I was born. Mom tried to breastfeed me. I can sense that mom was lethargic and I was sleepy. I managed to suckle mom's, for hours. Glad that I helped mom to stimulate my milk!

Until the nurse told mom, I had to be given antibiotics as prophylaxis.

Our first ever family photo, taken by aunty era

Mom was planning to give me exclusive breastfeeding, however at this rate, she could not be selfish. Mom knows, if I did not get milk, my risk of getting jaundice would be even higher and make our hospitalization even longer!

So, I received ready to drink product (RTD) during the first two days, and I was not sure how does it tasted like. On the day 2, mom came and breastfeed me, still no milk. I was not cry, I wanna give motivation to mom! So, I heard mom told nurse, that she still has no milk, and requested the nurse to top up the milk, so that I won't starve! See, I love my mom. She was still in pain, but for me, she braced herself to sit and to stand, altho her stomach was in crazy pain!

Mom was planning to rooming in,  as the ward also prepared a bed for mom and dad. But, mom was not on her best state, so in the evening, mom went home and nenek took care of mom.

Mom told me, that night, mom forced dad to suckle my milk! Haha and massaged and pump and taraaaaa!!! They saw the colostrum. Mom was happy that the pain vanished immediately.

The next morning, I heard dad asked the nurse " I want to see my son, BO masfara wahidah". I was happy, but yeah, i was still aslept that time!

I could sense mom's smell, so I immediately woke up! Mom was smiling brightly and kissed me all over my face and talking to me with a language I did not understand, neither dad. Maybe she meant was, I came with your milk!

Woahh, I could see the milk kept flowing out of mom's and her t-shirt went wet with it ! So I suckled! OMG this is better than RTD! This milk is full with love some more!

Starting that moment, mom kept on feeding me, be it during my sleeping time.  My mom was overprotective that she afraid that I might get prolong jaundice, since she is blood O type. But mommy worry not, I am also O, so there is no way I would resist your antibody!

I'd promise from my end, I'd do the best so that we can go out from hospital quickly and be indulged by nenek and tok umi at home!

Long story short, I am jaundice-free and thanks to mom and dad for their hard work of forcing me to drink milk every 2 hours and for dad, changing my diapers every time I pooped!

Big shout out to daddy also, of taking care of me and mommy lovingly!

It was a really nice sight looking at dad spoon fed mom and mom breastfed me.
May our family be blessed forever and ever.

I love you mom and dad & I am sure you both love me too!
 (yes, we love you so much that no words could describe the feeling)