Fresh from oven! After daddy uttered a call to prayer in my ears (adhan)

Hi Everyone! My name is Muhammad Mikael Wafiy bin Zuhaili you may call me Mikael. Muhammad is the name of our prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) and the name of Mikael is derived from our islamic angel, Angle Mikail. Wafiy means perfection. MW is also the initial name of my Mom. Mom said, so that we could make a family hashtag of #MWZ family. My mom is very smart. I wanna be like her. Haha.

I was born on the 31st of October 2019 @ 12.49pm at the University of Malaya Medical Centre. My mom was very eager to see me. I was expected to be born on the 2nd of November at weeks 40. But, my aunty, calculated that Ill be born on the 31st.

It was all started on the 29th morning. Mom had her regular check up with her gynae. When the gynae did vaginal examination, 1cm has opened. And because mom was very impatient, the doctor then did some stretching to open up to another 2cm. Mom was hoping I could born that night, and daddy has sent another false alarm to tokwan and tok umi at Perak. So my paternal grandparents came. Haha.

On the same day, suddenly mom had her bloody show, and she was very excited! Mom and dad went to PPUM again and the doctors mentioned that in order for them to do thorough check up, mom had to be hospitalised. Hmmm, mom was very scared to be at the hospital, that's why mom doesn't want to practise as a dietitian in hospital, because she said, got a lot of ghosts and spirits haha.

So mom was hospitalised, and no sign that I'll be born that day. Mom kept on crying that night, because she missed my dad and also scared that there will be ghosts haha. The next morning, mom requested to be discharged from hospital and with her reasoning, her gynae then allowed her to go home.

                                                                     After showered.

October 30th, 2019. 

Dad and tok umi came to hospital and bring mom home. Mom was very happy. They arrived at home around 2pm.

On this date, also, nenek from sabah came. Exactly at 5.20pm, nenek knocked our house door and mom broke her water! I will see the world in 24 hours!!! Mom was very excited and of course everyone!

The doctor asked my mom if she wanted to be induced. But mom said, lets wait for natural birth. So, mommy is then warded again and transferred to antenatal ward, at the same room and same bed again. So embarrassing. Hahah mom was just discharged for 3 hours and had to come to hospital again.

October 31st, 2019.

Mom started feeling contraction. So mom woke up around 5 am to go for shower. Mom was determine that she had to give birth that day, and around 8am, mom really can't stand the contraction pain. She was transferred to labour room and she was crying and straight asking for epidural. Haha.

Epidural really worked! Mom was happy that she did not feel any pain. But soon after that, mom was shivering like crazy, it was really cold. Mom is very smart mom, as she knows I might get affected, and she asked the HO on my heart rate, it whooped up to 170, 180. Mom was shocked!!! That's very high!

And that very 'clever' HO asked mom to calm down. And after for a few minutes, my heart rate was constantly s high. The very 'smart' HO asked mom to calm down again. Mom does not want to talk to him, but requested to call the MO and consultant in charge. Luckily, the anas came and he was very shocked looking at the figures. He then immediately called the MO and consultant and taraaa, mom was destined to undergo emergency czer. To save mom and me. Because mom's pulse was around 110.

Somehow, mom knows that she will go for czer. All the nurses gathered and they played a song sang by Siti Nurhaliza. Because it was emergency czer, mom was panicked looking at everyone!  At the same time, mommy was very thirsty, altho she knows she can't drink or eat, but mom was very very thirsty.

Mom requested to call daddy. The MO explained to dad about the procedure and dad was very calm and understood the situation. Not the reaction mom would want to see. Mommy was expecting daddy would cry and wail

"omg, my wife gonna go for czer, omg god pls help my wife and my son omg omg omg". But, No, dad was very calm and mom is drama queen like usual.

Instead of crying, dad with his calm personality asked:

"may I know usually how long would it take for teh surgery to be done?" 

"Around 1-2 hours"

"Ok, i will wait in front of the OT" 

Dad really has a noble personality. Mom is very lucky to marry a non dramatic yet realistic husband. I hope I can be like daddy when I grow up or even better.


Long story short, my mom was awake during the surgery and she didn't realised that I was born until the nurse asked mommy. #epidural

"did u hear him crying?" 


"congratulations, you are now a mom". 

But I had no immediate skin to skin with mom, (mom does not remember if we had any, tbh) because I need to be checked by the paediatrician since mom had fetal distress. However, before mom transferred out from OT, we managed to meet and mom kissed me on my cheeks before the nurses came to clean me.

This is mom and me, on the 28 days of life. This photo is taken today by Macyna,
                         That's all! Thanks for reading my story uncle uncle and aunty aunty.