I've got myself a Huawei Nova 3i for a couple of weeks ago. Changing from IOS to Android, requires learning from A to Z. I kept on asking my friends and even Aily, on how to do screenshots, how to save a new contacts and how to set up this kind of settings and how to block unknown numbers on my contacts. Basically, it's learning from zero and I found it be fun and challenging and.. yes, such a good experience, I know it's early to say, but despite the super affordable price, I got all the good features in hand, except, I did not like the earphones.

Same goes to life. Staying in one place offers your comfort and certainty. But, I do believe, there is no certainty in life decisions. Often times, we experienced uncertainty and we sought for someone's opinion, to make it certain. At the end, it is just a power of mind. If you set your mind to be that powerful person, you will.

I cannot tell if I am always made the right decision for myself, it may even the worse decision. But, who knows, what the future tells? One thing I strongly believe, that I am young and I want to pursue my dream. So, full stop. You will surprise the power of big thinking, the magic of big thinking.

To make story short. I've resigned from my secured and stable job. I need to experience many things. I really need to. Life has ups and down. Thats why we are evolving from elementary school, to secondary school, to college and to university. Because, life has teach us to migrate whenever we have any opportunity. We just need some time to realize it, to recognize the opportunity.

Until then, whoever new in this blog, welcome to the journey of mine. If we put our heart, mind and soul into even our smallest act, this is your biggest key to success. 
But really, how do you define success? 

Thanks for your 3 minutes reading. 
Welcome to the newbie, who is just new here.