Tonight, I just feel the need to sacrifice my sleep. Lately, I felt so restless, which my life decision has offering me neither physical nor emotional rest.

There was one fine night, when I had a little thought of how hectic my life was, but everything seems so boring. That hectic life happens because of the repeated scenes and activity happened. I feel bored and I feel no interest to do that anymore. But the power and the positive vibes that my team brought to me has managed to keep me going.  I did not usually have this intensive boredom on the hectic things, but I was not sure which things managed to drive me crazy that I made up with a drastic decision.

Being someone who managed to successfully secured her first job just before the graduation was actually an achievement. The overthinking in me, managed to drive me crazy.

After thinking so many time, I finally made a .. not really a drastic decision for me, but it was a kind of drastic decision for them. I kept of thinking overnight on the pros and cons, the weight age of every problems and the benefits it may bring.

And.. I tendered my resignation letter to this beloved company that always have a place in my heart. It was such a hard decision, but I am young, and I have this advantage to try a new thing that I want.  That I always wanted!

So far, many of you were asked me on my instagram, whats wrong with my current company? To tell you the truth, nothing wrong. Really. It was such a great company to work with, with great bosses and great teammates. But, I was looking for a better career prospect in which I can growth professionally in my selected field,  to grasp a new environment to add up my experience, and a new challenging job and for a peace of mind of balancing my social interaction with my family and friends.

And, I can't stop thinking about mammiapappia.