Every foods has its own stories. Have their own roles and functions and we all know that. So, whatever foods we eat, have a strong implications to our health - if you eat unhealthy foods, you will be facing the consequences. As a dietitian, I prefer to use moderation method and for you to be comfortable with the food you eat, instead of pointing this food is bad and that food is good, which defeat the term of nutrition itself. Excessive intake of certain foods might lead you to many problems. Hence, diseases will be knocking to your door. If not now, it might be in the future.

Dietary changes could help you to save medical bills and many researches have supported this statement. I understand it is hard to discipline yourself as an eat-lover. But, really. Do not force yourself, instead play it psychologically - train your mind, and always remember your goal.

What you can do:

You have to really incorporate frequent meals in your diet plan. Particularly, in a small portion. Eat Breakfast, Morning Snack, Lunch, Evening Snack and Dinner. Never let your stomach be emptied. Always let it full with nutritious foods - high nutrient density to be exact. Whenever you feel empty, or a little hungry, grab a fruits, or 3 pieces of cream cracker biscuits with plain tea- with no sugar and no milk.

Yes, many people thinks, skipping meal will help them to lose weight. This misconception is unhealthy, that is the reason why we need to educate people on this matter. When you skip meal, it will makes your body easily feels fatigue. Blood glucose, cholesterol - it will be harder to maintain their optimal levels. Especially on the blood glucose. When you have a disruption on your blood glucose level, it will cause you to get headache. Indirectly, it will disturb your daily routine, which is obviously not a good sign, hence, it will lead to less quality of life. So, DO NOT SKIP MEALS.

Never force yourself to eat healthy food, and never force yourself to diet. Whenever you are forcing yourself, you will turn to be zero again. Instead, slowly... slowly... let it be, your habit. Slowly.. slowly...until you let it become your habit! Wise men, don't rush.  Most importantly, you have to have someone to motivate you, to always remember your goals, and to work with you on your healthy weight loss journey.

Whenever you feel craving, you go for it! Go for the food that you craved for! With one condition - take it in a small portion. Because, the more you restrict yourself, the craver you are. So, go for it, while you still in the early craving. 

Hope that helps! Good Luck in Your Weight Loss Journey!