This is not a sponsor post. 

Ramadhan is one of my favorite month, to be honest. Aside from the religious wellness to the mind & body. Ramadhan indeed is one of the way, to help you to reduce your body weight, spread positivity as well as mosque & buffet ramadhan hopping. 

Although, it contradict the purpose of Ramadhan, but, it is one of the way to motivate people to experience this Ramadhan happily. One of the must-have-experienced during this fasting month is of course Bazaar Ramadhan!. Personally, I don't really like to be in a crowded place, hence, I opt for buffet Ramadhan at a nice dining place.

So, I decided to feature Ramadhan Buffet at Armada Hotel, Petaling Jaya.
 It is located at the heart of PJ and I shall say, after spending my time to break my fast here, I shall rate this is a 4 star Ramadhan Buffet!

It offered a wide selection of Malaysian cuisine with the theme of 
"Cita Rasa Kampung" . 

This Utara Coffee House that serves almost 100 varieties of menu, from appetizer, main course, dessert and light snacking as well as their great fruit selections!

Not to mention, each corner of this place has their own unique stalls. My fav place of them all is of course this section! Except for the "'Kambing Golek". You knew that, I am a no fan of meat and eggs. In fact I was pescetarian before I started eating chicken. 

From the section, that I've just mentioned. I picked up some of the fav items on the shelf.  What's interesting from this section, we can request what kind of cooking style we want (based on their list). As a great fan of Kung Pao, I'm with no doubt requesting it!. 

In less than 5 mins, they managed to serve it. Probably they already prepare the sauce beforehand. 

The kung pao seafood style is ready. I forgot to capture the full picture. 

Another stalls. 

Their dessert section is the best! The highlight of the desserts of course are their mochi and Baklava! These are among the top of my favourite dessert. 


There is a section where you can have your somtam & rojak buah! Just request from the helper, they will cater your need. 

The main course.
But, whats captured my sight was they even provided is with BIG size of Buttered Prawn, which is also my favorite. I guess, you know the reason why I chose Armada to be featured here. 

Menu in details for the main course. 

Typing this at this time, makes me wanted to come again to this place.

It was 4/5! and because Armada is a kind of old property, so, it also plays a role in rating. 

For only RM88 you managed to have all your fav foods here. I mean, all my fav food here! 

Thanks for reading. 
I will say yes to this place again.