My flight has been delayed and I am currently waiting at the airport, accompanied by a young mother older than me by 1 year and.. of course with her 2-year-old baby girl.. and with one cabin size luggage and 1 backpack for her daughter.. plus.. flying with Air Asia. Sound sceptical but yes. I am.

I met this young mother at the baggage drop counter and she has asked me several questions regarding the flight issue, and fortunately for her, we are flying on the same flight, so, I'll be there to assist her. My really first question when I met her, "flying alone? " and she replied "yes". Such a bravo and independent mom you are. 

I don't know what would I do if I were on her shoes.. What I salute from this young mom is.. she is quite friendly asking me where am I heading to.. I softly rejected her at the first time when she invited me to join her, until I realised, she actually needed someone to help her or at least.. to be with her during this time. Okay, considering, I am alone and I only have my laptop and my handbag, so I gave her a helping hand. 

So, I told her, I am gonna lepak at Texas Chicken and there was a slight "can-we-go-somewhere-else?" expression on her face. Soon she accepted the place. Okay. We went to Texas Chicken and currently sitting at this place. 

While I'm typing this post, the young mother went to toilet to change her baby's diapers and clothes, so I told her, I am going to look for the luggage. 

Honestly, from my point of view and not really looking for any fullest consideration, I would say: 

Mom Flying Alone With Kids With Luggage With BackPack Using AirAsia is a BIG NO. 

Or at least, Malaysia Airlines would be a better choice?

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Okay, I just woke up from my 2 hours in-flight nap, still I have 1 hour to go before landing. Remember I told you I'm using Air Asia? It's the cheapest-but-not-so-cheap flight ticket as per now. So, this always happened whenever I am on the flight, someone took my-supposed-to-be-seat. I actually did not bother making a ruckus on that matter, simply because that was a free seated arrangement plus, no point arguing. It just created a hassle, unless, I fly with my loved ones and wanted to sit next to them and that one worth the war HAHA. 

I planned to sleep straight 3 hours, even if I don't have the desire to sleep, I just forced myself to sleep. But this so -funny aunty woke me up and telling me that she wanted to go to restroom for a bit and wanted me to get up from my seat, so I can give her a way.

And she told me:

"Girl, would you like to sit on the window side? afraid I will disturb you again"

"Oh, sure aunty, that seat is actually mine"

"Oh really?"

"Yes aunty"

Economy Class uh?

* * * * * * * * * * *

(I was typing this story 3 weeks ago, only now I have the chance to post it)

Thanks for reading.