It's a condition where we trying to be healthy and restricting our diets to the extend it become unhealthy. To all the extreme people who wants to pursuit healthy eating diet - leads to become unhealthy; it then can be defined as an unhealthful obsession of eating nutritious foods. Eliminating some group of foods in order to be that healthy and of course to reduce their body weight to the normal level. 

Some of the dietitian and nutritionists also experienced this symptoms, it just they need to know their limits and I believe they know themselves and have the  knowledge better - because we are too obsessed on the idea of healthy eating diet, and we tend to cross the line.

One thing you have to know dear fellow readers, restricting your diet and of course your calories intake will surely cause you to have unintended weight loss (or intended) and you guys have to know, by doing that YOU MIGHT  EXPERIENCE NUTRIENT DEFICIENCIES. 

So, always ask someone who is expert on this field, learn from them and make a judgement. 

Don't try to practice healthy eating diet without lights and guidance from experts, you might fall on the class of Orthorexia. 

* * * * * * * 

Some people skip their lunch, and replace them with something. 
This is honestly the nonsense idea ever. 

Because you know why? 
1 scoop of rice is equals to 1 piece of white bread is equals to 1 scoop of noodles is equals to 3 pieces of cream crackers. 

Yes. In Nutrition & Dietetics Field, we have this thing called as "Food Exchanges". 

You have to know the concept of calories and the exchanges, then you can go to smart diet. 

I teach you some: 

Now, I want you to focus on the calories section, (I rectangled them red), 
1 can is equals to 150 calories. 
1 can = 150 kcal. 

Which is equals to 

1 scoop of  rice = 75kcal 
Half of medium size of fish = 35kcal
1 scoop or more of green leafy vegetables = 0 kcal
Fats (oil + little gravy) = 45 ~ 60kcal 

More or less the calories is the same ~ 155kcal

Choose wisely. Why do you want to drink if you can eat? 
 Variety of foods with the same and almost calories. 

Remember when I tell you, you might experience nutrient deficiency?
Yes, drinking 1 can of energy drink, you only get the nutrient from what it stated ONLY. 
But, if you eat natural foods, you got those hidden nutrients, such as vitamins ( a lot of them)  and certain minerals, but it just that rate of absorption of certain nutrients depends on each body. 

Keep Calm and Have a Cheat Day!. 

You are human, and eating is life. 
Even Dietitian eats McD.