Sometimes being mystery is interesting.
People try to find out about you.
When they google it they found nothing.
To make it looks interesting,
they googled about you and found a hint .
They trace it, but they could not dig in.
It's there, but they can't reach you.
It's interesting to know people wanted to get to know you, but they just could not.

On the other paper,
You were there, exposing things about you online,
People know about you through the things you posted,
It does not sounds mysterious.
It became mysterious when they meet you on real life.
If they don't?
You are not that interesting as what you think you can be.
Poor thing.

Trying to undo all the things we posted online,
But we just can't because it's there on the cloud.
Unless you got money, you can delete things,
Command people to let the info about you vanish.

Come to think about it,
people with money,
they always like to keep things hidden,
either because they involved in corruption,
to let other people from knowing,
or it's because they want to indulge the meaning of being rich.

Because, when we lost our privacy,
we are not that alluring as we think we are.

So, how.
Interesting. Alluring. Mysterious.