In life, we often face turbulent time. That where we see people might do mistakes or probably be in a right way.  We just don't know what to do because we have confusion, which might leads to destruction or heaven.  Some people might follow their minds, some people followed their heart - that's what they chose. 

Yesterday, I faced a small accident, but I was kind enough to let the person continue his journey. I was trying to calm while driving myself home. Why fret when it was just a small thing . While on the road, I was crying my heart out. I did not know why, or maybe because I was shocked? 

Just before I arrived home I stopped at the pavement because I can't help but to check whether it was okay or no. I took courage to check on my car because my housing area is secure enough (so far) . Though, it was just a small accident but gosh my left side mirror  got defect when I thought I was free from it. While on the road, I was crying my heart out. Did I regretted the act of letting the person go  and free from responsibility? or because I hate to see the imperfection of my car on that time? He was rushing and due to humanity I let him go. 

I wailed. 

It was too pathetic, but I wailed. I did not want people to see the defect on my side mirror and at the same time, I hate to see the imperfection. 

I was okay that the offender went away from me, because I let him go, although I had the chance to talk and to discuss with him. But, I did not want to cause any scene and make a problem because it was a simple thing (or no?)

I wailed because I hate to see the imperfection on it. I, at least, expected there will be some defect. But. upon looking at that, my heart ache so much. Thinking myself was stupid enough to release that guy just like that. 

This morning, I went to service centre to fix it. 

This gets me think: 

While kindness might seem pretty straightforward to learn, it's actually a bit more complex than meets the eyes. It's hard when you don't have a strong mentality to judge the situation yet you don't want to worsen the thing. 

p/s: Those who involved with my story, I told you not to tell anyone about this. In case if you wonder why, I want people to hear that from me :) Thank you for calming me down. 


WHY I AM CRYING? (or wailing -now this is embarrassing)

Or something to do with my hormonal imbalance?