"Hey, what do you want me to write on my blog?"

"Simply write about yourself lah"

"Really, I'm kinda boring now, I am such an adult, oh no, Cinta told me, I am such an old people, because I drink hot tea for supper or during snacking"

"Then, write about how older you are"

"It's boring.. "

"You seems enjoying your life tho"

"Not really.. I'm locked, I need home"

"Then go home.."

"Not now.. I want to go home during my birthday.."

"Then what do you want?"

"I don't know.. Idk what I want.. at some point, I would like to deactivate my instagram cos, sometimes, it brings sadness to me"

"How it is possible while you are enjoying your life there?"


"Stop your activities on insta then"

"it's funny tho.. "


"never mind, some times, things are better left untold"

"Or, remove everything that makes you sad"

"I think I have emotion imbalance now.. wait.. I want to eat macaroons"

"Now thats explain why you are being like this.. your month is coming!"

"Ya lah, I think so.. let see how do u handle your month soon!

"hahahaha, we are so funny!"

"Nope, girls are so funny and full of problems!"