Today is Sunday and I suddenly pumped to cook!. When I was in my university, I adore looking at those workers (staffs, nurses, doctors and even my preceptors) who cook for their lunch and wanted to try when I'm working. 

Now, I am working, and yes.. I tried cooking. I cooked Spaghetti Bolognese last week, but I got fed up . Gosh.. how come people can cook before going to work? I just can't, because I need to wake up early and prepare the meal, get ready for the work and waiting for the lunch to be eaten. It's so tiring.  
When I was in my clinical year, I will prepare my breakfast the night before. So, I did not rush and just focused on self-preparaton. I don't really like kitchen but had no problem with it . 

So, the next day, I became less ambitious to cook, eh no, the motivation is just vanished!. so, I just eat outside!, and  for the week my heart crying wanted to go home, because I don't have to think what to eat as everything is ready. This is such a solid prove why I cannot settle down with any guy just yet! 

You know right.. when you see a delicious dishes, you think its awesome. But, for someone who learn about foods and its relation to certain diseases, it's surely a problem to us. So, either I like it or no, for the sake of my health, I should go to kitchen & at the same time, I can save my money as well!

So, what did I cook today? 
This is incomplete recipe because there's no green here. Supposed to add green, yellow and red capsicum to make it looks appealing, but ya.. single lady just cooks everything available in the kitchen. 

Brown Rice &  Stir Fry Dory Fish mixed with carrots. 


Recipe for 3 pax

3 cups of Brown Rice
15 cubes of Dory fillets
3 medium sizes carrots
5 garlics
5 onions
5 spoons of Oyster sauce (adjustable) 
1 teaspoon of vegetable oil. 

How to cook: 

1) Wash the rice first so while waiting for it to cook, you can continue doing your dishes. 
2) Peel and cut the garlic, onion and carrots. Don't forget to wash them first. 
3) Prepare your frying pan, and pour 1 tsp of vege oil. 
4) Stir fry the garlic and onions until its half brown then only you add the carrots in. 
Carrots are categorised under hard vege, so make sure to give some time in the pan first. 
5) Add 2 spoons of Oyster sauce. 
6) It's time for your dory fillet to be in the pan!!!!. 
7) Add another 3 spoons of Oyster sauce. 
8) Wait for it to be ready. If you think its kinda dry, you can add some amount of water, but as for me, I prefer it to be just as nice as like that!.

(I'm bad at writing an ingredients, please accept my writing skills)


Sorry for the lack of decorations, and I told you, no greens on my plate.
 If you think, its not appealing, oh god, your eyes have some problem now,  go seek for medical help! 
Kidding, but the taste is awesome! 

In terms of the calories : 

3 exchanges of rice = 225 kcal
2 exchanges of dory fillet = 70 kcal 
1 teaspoon of vege oil = 45 kcal
Carrots = the amount did not fill 1 cup of measurement - ignore the kcal.

Estimated Calorie intake for my lunch: 
340 kcal


Brown Rice

There are many types of rice, but brown rice is one of the healthiest and most-studied types of rice. Brown rice promotes the benefits of healthy eating due to the way it is prepared. 
  • White rice was once brown rice. In white rice, the hull and bran around the kernel are removed to make it white, but for the brown rice, only the hull of the rice kernel is removed during the preparation. So, the nutrients are still there. 
  • In white rice, large quanitities of Vitamins B are lost, 90% of the B6, half of the manganese, phosphorus, more than half of the irons and all of the dietary fiber. 
  • That's why in a television or any adds, the producer talks about the enrichment of the white rice, fortified with nutrients, but dude, it's not as healthy as the original! 

Brown rice and it's relation to improve quality of life?
  • Diabetes - People with diabetes are encouraged to eat brown rice due to the fiber content. Fiber helps to slow down the absorption of sugar and help to improve blood sugar levels. 
  • Reduce cholesterol level - According to American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (A study: ) Effects of whole grains on patient taking-cholesterol-lowering medications. Those who ate more than 16g of whole grains, like brown rice had lower LDL cholesterol levels compared to those who don't. 
  • Cancer - As you all know, manganese help to reduce the free-radicals which is the cancer causing agent, and brown rice is rich with manganese!
  • And many more info! Go read! don't lazy! hahah

Dory Fish

Okay, between meat and fish, fish has lower fat content than meat!.  Dory Fish also content omega 3, DHA, EPA iodine, iron, magnesium, DHA, and it helps to improve intelligence and lower blood cholesterol and blood pressure!.

Why Stir Frying? 

It is one of the healthy cooking method! If you want to steam everything, still okay, but you need fat (oil) to make your foods palatable! So, if you really want to be healthy and practice healthy cooking method, instead of deep frying, you go with stir frying, then proceed to grill, boiling, stew etc. Slowly slowly. 

* * * * * * * * 

Food presentation when I was in university. We cooked, and explained the reason why we chose this and that and it's relation to the case study. Juniors, the difference between a chef and a dietitian, we are expert in nutrition! So, embrace it. 

Gosh, if you asked me, how do I look like when I am at the kitchen......

"Dude, I am sexy and I know it! "

Thanks for reading!