Lately, I've been so emotional. I wanted home, and I don't know about my future. I miss my nieces and nephews. I miss everyone. Some people told me, I am such a kid-friendly person, but, first thing you should know, I am among the youngest in my family. So, Yna and I would be the centre of attention of the family, hence due to abundance attentions I received from the people, I, somehow forgot to give attention to others as well. So, I am not sure if I like kids or no or, they like me or no, but one thing for sure, all my niblings surely LOVE LOVE LOVE ME. When I was a bit younger (probably 15 or 16?) than this age, I only like my nieces and nephews, I did not have feelings for other kids, be it a naughty kids throwing tantrum in front of their parents and me watching... or a well behaved cute kids.. I  just did not care about them, . But you know kids,  that's so 90's... You better find a new way to express your desire on the things you wanted and show them to your parents! haha. Soon after that... the motherhood instinct arises.

I like kids, not sure if I use this term. Some people who like kids, they will go mad once they saw them. Kissing, hugging and pinching their cheeks. That one is only applied to FAT AND CHUBBY KIDS.


So, yesterday.. I met my sisters and brought my nieces. We went to some kids friendly places. Oh, they just did want to let go of my hands, and they were so manja with me. You know, among all the sisters and brothers I have. I was nominated, as the BESTEST AUNTY IN THE WORLD EVERY YEAR IN A ROW. Okay, I am nominating myself actually AHAH. because it was so obvious when all the kids chose me over Yna. What else you doubted? Maigod I miss Cing cing as well.

After I went to the clinical attachment back in HUKM for Paediatrics Unit, my love to kids even grower. Honestly, I am easily to have emotional attachment to geriatrics groups compared to paeds.  I know the reason why and I have a millions words for it. But, not going to express it on this post.

You still remember on the first paragraph.. , I was a bit emotional and my life was in a pell-mell situation internally. So, I was originally wanted to invite Eya to go somewhere with me, but.. I just did not feel to be accompanied by someone, and I also texted Yna to prepare her legs for strolling. But, I changed my mind and told her to just prepare for her class tomorrow . I just did not have the mood to talk to anyone and to meet anyone. So, I wandered alone. The problem with walking alone was, I blankly went into shops after another and buy whatever I want.

So, I entered Lovisa.

Rose Gold plated Silver Bangle, don't ask me about the price. if you see another flags stated on the price tags, you would find it a bit cheaper. But, once you look into the Malaysia's flag, you will need to think twice to buy. So, I did not buy, because, picking something out of impulsiveness will bring nothing. Plus, I have my own gold bracelet. So, lets save money.

I like this kind of ring's pattern. It looks posh but not on my fingers, plus for everyday use, is like a no no. So, wasting hundreds for this one but not wearing it everyday, is such a wasted. So, I placed them back. 

This is a rose gold plated silver ring. It looks nice and pretty, but the design is just too common, and I also own 3 rings with the same design as well. Still, I was contemplating to but this one. 

This looks posh and suitable for everyday use. The price is affordable altho its a bit expensive, but.. okay la. 

I finally bought this one. Rose Gold Plated 925 ring. 

I don't know why I suddenly up for this post. 
I sent a photo of this to my friends, and they told me.. I can buy this with a cheaper price somewhere around the market??? 

And I replied them: 


See, I told you, I am a bit emotional, so, you don't play with me. 

okay, I was kidding hahaha.

I know this ring is just like everyday rings, but, if you bought it with high value price, it brings confident to the wearer no? 

Good night!