Those who see my instastory, you  of course saw me recording a pretty Chinese girl, her name is Suit Leng. She is my superior. A very kind and full of consideration girl. Last night she was feeling unwell and happened to have a high-grade fever today. So, she took the MC. Basically, I was trained by her. Up until now, I am still in my probation period for 3 months. You know, working environment for a new kid. So, me being a trainee, I need to admit, I am a bit lost without her presence.

Tomorrow we have a program in Shah Alam. She is on MC today. Of course she texted me asked me to help her to do something. Oh, I forgot to tell you, I was the only non-chinese girl here, so the company has recruited another one Malay girl. she'll be start working next week. So, Suit Leng asked me to prepare some reading materials for the new comer, and some of the materials are inside her desktop.

It was a long long long time ago, I did not touch the desktop. A laptop would be okay. So, she asked me to turn on her desktop, but I don't know which button to press on her CPU. You know, different CPU, has different button - I'm not that noob, and I'm not trying to be defensive. By the way, we were using WhatsApp to text each other. So, I replied to her text asking a question and she replied me:

" I do have soft copy in my dekstop, named ******"

"Oh2, now I open your desktop?"

"Okay, no password, sorry ya, I thought to do it today one"

"It's okay, I think, I need to ask for your help..... how do I turn on the desktop?"

I literally asked her to show me which button to press, by sending her this photo. 

" U open the suis down the table, then press the button on left beside the mouse USB"

I sent her this photo. I misread the text, I forgot to read the last word - USB. 

So, she sent me this. 

Oh,, this is the button. why do CPU company wants to build a CPU in a black colour? It makes the trainee looks dumb.. (read: I)



"Hahaha, please don't regret to hire me ya"

"You're so cute la"

Luckily, I got a nice and good superior who is full of consideration and hopefully she did not regret of hiring me. I was blessed during the IV, they don't asked me if I know any technical things.

Note to job hunter: If you are using Mac OS, you better familiarize yourself with the Windows OS. Or else, you will keep on googling any tutorial in the cloud in order to learn.

Till next time!.

Pssst, they said, malu bertanya sesat jalan. God, I don't want to embarrass myself to ask other staff how to turn it on because that a simple thing and only dumb newbie does not know how to do it, plus I asked my superior via online, so hopefully she forgot how clueless I was. LOL.