So many of you (not so many hehe) asked me why did not I uploaded my convocation photos yet? Okay, first of all: (Read: delayed the photos)

1) I actually recorded some instastories, but it lasts till 24 hours, I was so energetic and excited during that time, but I bet my excitement level was inconsistent, towards the end of the day, I felt sleepy and stopped recording the event (read: my friends and I).

2) I did not like to be in a crowded place - it makes the space smaller, and I can't breathe, especially when the weather was so sunny. There are some other times that I think, I am okay with those, but for now, I can't think which event I am okay with.

3) After convocation, I can't move from one place to another, so much crowd and I did not want my parents to go through those hurdles. So, I stayed at the wing of DECTAR

4) Right after my convocation day, I need to attend some event and I called it as my post-convocation party - please read this in a sarcastic way. It consumed my time and I just got back to the hotel room almost 11 ish. Imagined what a long day I had. Although, I was exhausted, someone sent me a bouquet of flowers to the hotel and some unknown people left a card on the reception desk with a bouquet of flowers as well. To Aina, who was acting so lovely last few night to me, I would like to thank you for sending me flowers because she could not make it to my convo day. To you know who you are, for giving me an inspirational post on the card, I really appreciated it, but next time, please reveal yourself okay. I was dying to know who you are, so I texted everyone that I suspected - I was dumb, because, who wants to reveal himself/herself.. Soon, I realized, something fishy occured during the previous days, just before my convo.... and I trusted my instinct so well, and MIRA!! I KNOW THE CARD & CHOCS & FLOWERS BOUQUET WERE YOU! You should know how good I am in this 😜.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  * * * * * * * * * * 

Okay, introducing to you the family who came to my day. 
Kak Men, Yna, Mom, Dad, Meimei & Koko (not in the picture) and I. During this time, I honestly did not care about photo shooting anymore. I just wanna go home, open my robe and my baju kurung and my shawl and lay on the bed. That's all. But, I got a lot of photos to share here. 

I was replying to the text received from friends asking my locality. So, that's why you see this kind of photo.

Okay, this one is a better version. 

Mommy, Daddy, and I.

Okay, this one is my friend, Khalid. He came on my behalf of her late mother, my late teacher, as well. 

I seriously like this photo. 

My bestfren Hanna. I have a little secret and sin to confess to her. 

Hanna, I lied to you. HAHAAHAHA. 

My convocation ends at 6 pm. Scheduled to be finished around 5.30 pm. When you told me, you are going to arrive around 6... I said... 

"Hanna, cepat la kau astaga, penat suda aku tunggu"..


I was sitting on the hall, still watching another graduates to receive their scrolls. 


Okay, Now please don't kill me. 

Of all the convocation photos I had in this part, I wonder, how come some people managed to have a beautiful and pretty convocation photos, while I am sitting here, feeling dissatisfaction about it.

Lol, now,  I have the strong and expensive reason why should I continue master.

TO TAKE A BEAUTIFUL PHOTO DURING THE DAY, without need to have any studio set up. LOL.

Okay, I was kidding. There were some pretty photos as well.

Wait, for the second part okay.
(Till, God knows when