Cinta, where are you at? 

At the lake, why? 

Cinta, I need to tell you something. 

What is it? 

Later, when you reach here. 

* * * *  * *

What is it the things you want to tell me? 

Cinta, I want to study again, I want to continue Master. 

Go la, but why so sudden? 

I don't know. because... bla bla bla bla... 

This is so you. 

* * * * * * * * *

Cinta, if I want to continue master, I want to continue abroad, UK?

Why not Malaysia?

Because, its an achievement, study makes me to experience places. 
My primary was in our hometown, 
My secondary was out from our district
My Matriculation was in Labuan. 
My First degree was in Peninsular. 
So, I want my master to be in UK.
I want it to be like that. 

So, after master in UK, where do you want to go? Paradise? 


1) Paradise is the end place for us, human.
2) Paradise also means, I can die anytime, before I proceed my phd.
3) Cinta's sarcastic level has improved.