I suddenly have the urge to study again.  Looking at the almost-clinical things that I did, makes me want to study again. I miss listening to the sarcasm uttered by our clinical preceptors and missed to attend lectures and miss everything about studying. I missed to be taught by someone, I missed gossiping with my friends, I missed all. Being a student is the only phase you easily get everything, because you are a STUDENT, so you have the SOLID EXCUSE. (Forget the children phase).
Since, you are working, you get things done by your own. With your own knees.

These hurdles make me want to study and have the willingness to go through that phase again. This is what I called as the cheap reasons. Hence, if I don't have any solid reasons, I am going to be inconsistent, because at one point, if I would not get the things that I wanted, it makes me downhearted. So, I can't study because of the cheap reasons as that. I need to have my objectives.

Today, I was doing some ADIME documentation (Dietitian's form) for my clinical part in the company.  I thoroughly look to all the lecture notes and read everything just to refresh all my knowledge, and I had the thought of wanting to be a STUDENT again. To further my study and to be someone with a great achievements. So, I need to think very deeply and come out with a new goals in life. Let's see how it goes.

This girl is going to be graduated in coming Monday. 
Let's change the way we think and be matured okay, Masfara Wahidah? 
Talk to you later.