"Hi Miss, how may I help you? 

"Err, hello there, I am looking for something as a gift, but.. I'm not really sure yet"

"Is this for your boyfriend?"

"For my dad and mom actually, wait ya allow me to look through everything first, I will call you once I need your assistance okay?"

"Okay, sure miss!"

* * * * * * * 

"Excuse me, what do you think of this for my dad? "

"Oh, this one is one of the best-seller product here.."

"Oh, okay.. what about this one?" Pointing to something. 

"This one is not bad.. you may try"

"Great!, I want this one, for my daddy, now.. I think I want that one for my mom"

"Oh, you pick up thing so fast for your mommy huh?"

"Only women understand women okay, can you please help me to wrap these?"

"Oh sure, a sweet wrapper for a sweet daughter"

"Hahaha, thanks! You are such a sweet staff as well"


I did not plan to buy anything,  was strolling in the mall to watch and observe people's behaviour. My parents' faces came across my mind, and it makes me missed them so much. 

Although, these are not as expensive as your presents to your moms or dads, but, for now these are the only things I can afford with my very very own sweats. 

I, honestly a proud daughter and for that I felt blessed that Allah has destined me to be a daughter of a wonderful mom and dad. 

May Allah bless both of you mom, dad. 

And your mom & dad as well!, 

If you read this, go, call or kiss your mom & dad. 

I miss them so much now!