Girls problems.. or maybe only me? Why do I think every girls out there experienced the same thing as me? anyway, either you experienced it or not, I hope you understand on what happened inside my boat now. Now my boat is sailing on the ocean, so I need to take control of everything on my own. I can always ask anything from my parents, but I think its not appropriate to do that anymore.

You guys know, currently I am working in a private sector, so I earned my own money, no allowance from dad and settle things on my own. Ya ya everything on my own. People told me that the first 3 month or even the first 6 months of your working life, you will have some hurdles to handle your money. So, I think I am on this phase right now. Take control of everything means I need to really really give my fullest commitment on what happen on my life. Especially when it comes to shopping. Gosh, I believed I am not really a shopaholic person (or I was not). I only shop when I think it's the season to shop. Random shopping is so easy during student compared to working life.

So, to make things short. If I did not dig in my saving account, I am surely a POOR PERSON as per now.

Okay. that's why I avoid myself to go to any shopping malls, because money will be flowing out just like that, even if you don't plan to do anything that wasted your money.

Somehow at this moment, you already inside the fitting room, bringing all the hoodies to try which colour suits you more. This is 'unpredictable' moment for a girl. We don't realise what are we doing and we don't know. Seems like the magical moment happenned or like you are on drugs. Although I don't know how does it feels to be on drugs, but goshhh.. the dopamine has been released crazily. Only you regret when you saw a greater reduction of your acc.

So, in order to train myself, these are the following things that I need to implement:

1) Don't go to any shopping mall.
2) If I suddenly like suddenly or really really suddenly go to shopping mall, I need to bring my friends together. Because they can advise you and you can think twice.
3) Go to office late, so that I can go home late and no mood to go anywhere.
4) On weekend, I should not ring anyone or texted anyone asking on their locality or their life update, because this will lead to a meet up. If the girls meet, there are 100000% chances and possibilities that they are going to waste their money.
5) Discipline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* * * * * * * 
But, I need to meet Cinta, Eya and Yok someday - so, I am going to implement the rules after meeting them.

Oh, you know I did not bring my clothes from Sabah, so, I still need to buy some clothes.

They said.. 3 months period is the hardest one to control your money, so this is only my first month. 2 months to go.

I prefer to go alone because it's such a freedom.

Weekend is the only time I catch up with everyone.

* * * * * * * * * *

Gosh. What kind of polarity is that.

Last thing..

I was a person who does not like online shopping, because I am such an impatient person, so I need to check everything in order to purchase.

I was also a type of person, who will have a feeling of regretful after purchasing something online.

But.. lately, I did not experienced that anymore and this is unhealthy.

Eventually, there will be a way. This impassable roadblock, surely I can pass!

Good night!