Okay, I did a little mistakes here, or maybe BIG? I am not sure. As far as I realised, every time I dived in with Instastory, I could not spend much time on my blog, simply because I told everyone what's happening in my life, so, I don't have much topics to talk to. I am gonna talk about random things here with no specific topics. Eh, actually talking about everything inside my mind.

All of you know, now I am working as a nutritionist in a Totalife Company. Working there taught me a LOT about life. My first exposure was very contradicted to some of you. You also knew that , 97% of my colleagues are Chinese, so I got to dive into their culture, how do they worked, how do they treat everyone in the company etc etc - due to this matter, I did not experienced the problem like every of you told me in your working environment. Honestly, if you knew me better, I am someone who is easily move by pretty little things, little gestures, little kindness and little concerns - it moves me to tears, thus, the reason why you saw me easily get excited with everything.  To meet nice and kind people in my life are seriously a blessing. I am no nice guys, but I believed, my mom and dad pray really hard for my happiness and without them, I would sink in depression. I am so happy and be grateful that I am working in a pretty relaxing mind and soul environment. It just a month I joined them, yet it feels like 22 years being together? The supportive environment, lifting each others up and plus for a newbie to get a FREE STARBUCKS ALMOST EVERYDAY IN 2 WEEKS CONTINUOUSLY are amazing and not to mention, gifts and souveniers that I got from each of them are seriously amazing. This is just a beginning, I am not sure what my future promises me, but I typed everything so that I know how awesome my life was. For the moment, I fell down, I had my blog to read every events that makes me happy, to always remind me to be grateful. Guys, you can't blame me of being self-obssesed hahaha, I am born with this, and hoping for someone to makes you happy will lead to frustration, so don't. People won't always  be available for you, you are just secondary to their life, so you often get frustrated whenever you hope on them so much. What you can do? obsessed with yourself, you are the one who determined your happiness. Be kind to people, give your utmost attention to them or if that person is in need, give them everything in your hand, because you will earn more. To the people who treats you like a useless person, only came whenever they need you, just forgive them, because it's okay to be treated wrongly, but you don't treat people like that. You should feel bless and happy when someone makes you cry, because you do nothing wrong, they are the one who wronged you, soon, they will live in regret, but you don't. I'm telling this to remind myself, and to you, who read this. Be grateful and positive, although you don't. Force yourself to do that.

Okay, I'm done with that clause.

You knew I did not drink Coffee right? If you read my previous blogposts, you might see many entries regarding this matter. Example this one: CLICK HERE . Usually when I go to Starbucks (I don't always go- accompanied my friends) I will eat their snacks or cakes with my bottled water or sometimes I drink a sip from their drinks. I was a coffee free girl at that time. I can't tolerate much on coffee. But, after being pampered with 2 weeks of free Starbucks continuously... my taste buds wanted to drink it too. It's so addicting guys hahaha. But, I won't allow myself to eat that. . So, you know everytime I posted an instastory photo of my FREE STARBUCK DRINK.. Guys, I honestly have the intentions to show off I drank COFFEE HAHAHAHAHA. Plus, it's free super duper expensive coffee, why would not I post it? so many many many many many of you asked me: WHY FREE STARBUCK DRINKS? Ehem hahahha...  hope this photo answered your question.

Because everyone in my office were getting hyped by this.... and they are Starbucks lover. In order to redeem this limited edition planner, they sacrified their money. JUST BECAUSE OF THIS PLANNER... (I hope I don't tell you this, but guys.. one is not enough for them, so... one of my officemate collected 3 sets of these planners 15x3 = 45 drinks)  I don't get this guys. This planner costs RM200++ for the total of 15 drinks, which is a set, Imagine 3 sets for one person... you got calculator with you right? or just calculate them in your mind. You will get the value. #madness. I don't get this guys. The first time I saw this, I did not see any WOW effects. but, the more I look at this planner, I ALSO THINK THIS ONE IS PRETTYYYY. hmmmm. #ijuststartedworking #mydadcutsmyallowance #ineedtosavemoremoney #can'twastemoney. So, those who asked me why I got free drinks continuously, so that's my answer. FOR THIS FREAKING SUPER DUPER EXPENSIVE PLANNER.. I UNDERSTAND THEIR MADNESS. Die-Hard Collectors you say. Don't be surprise if I join the team next year. You heard about colleagues's influences, no?

Okay, I don't want to write such an uber long post. Till next time!.