I did not plan to write anything here. But, I just finished reading 15 episodes of Sad true story about a girl, who experienced all the darkness in this world at the age of 8 years old up until now. Now, she is 16 years. Failed in marriage twice. Pass through domestic abuse from both of her dad and ex-husbands. This story managed to lock my mind from doing any work. It affects me emotionally that turn me to be a silent person as per now. What sadden me the most, this is a real story from my beloved land below the wind state. So, it connects me in everywhere. To make thing short, all of her darkness started after her mom passed away due to Cervix cancer at her age of 8 or 9 years old? After countless treatment, her mom conditions worsening - money issue was raised.  Her lovely dad started drinking again, and brought woman to their house and did something inappropriate, that turned her lovely dad to be a womanizer, drug addicts and full of debts. 

Her mom closed her eyes forever while watching her dad's sex activity in their room. Her dad then trying to play tricked that she was the causer that her mom died. And at the such age, the girl watched her dad's inappropriate activity but could not do more. She inherited her mom's face, so her dad often mistakenly her as her mom thus, countless attempted raping, she finally met a man who was her dad's friends. Taken care of her for years and at the age of 12 years old, when she reached her menarchy, the man that she believed... finally became her husband at the banana age of 12 years old. She then became a sex toy for her first husband before the man declared their marriage ends with 3 tier. 

Because her dad was a debtful guy, there was a pakistani came into their house and saw this girl crying. In order to pay the debt, her dad offered to marry her daughter with that pakistani guy. She was only 13 that time!, and they made a promised to marry her daughter when she reached 15 years old. That pakistani guy was a lovely and rich guy, but he could not handle his jealously that he always punched her and so many intensive domestic abuse, you know that. When she went to Pakistan with his husband and son, her husband decided to leave their son in Pakistan. Because he did not like kids as it makes him jealous and did not want the attention to be divided. 

She went to Pakistan and this where everything happened, cultural different is obviously occurred. She was once being thrown away from the hotel room to the sea because of  jealousy. She was also been admitted to the hospital and unconscious for 3 days and doctors were so happy that she did not turned out blinds because of the eyes injuries, and also were admitted to the hospital because of the vaginal pain that she needed to face after her first sexual intercourse with her second husband. These scenes hurt my feelings so much. So, to make things short, she and her Pakistani husband were divorced, i'm not sure what was the terms, but.. the ex-husband says: if I hit you one more time, it announces the end of our marriage. Hence, because he could not handle his temper. so, the marriage ended. 

Her father now is in a changing phase to be a better person again and was sorry for the past deeds. Now the girl is living with her better father while her son was brought away from her and now living in Pakistan, her psycho pakistani husband wants to be together again, and trying to win her heart with her son. Her first husband is now married with a nurse and still did not want to admit on the truth of his marriage and telling people that this poor girl was only his sister.  I really hope that girl find her own definition of happiness and be with her lovely father again in the house of a nice person. According to what I read from the story, the aunty that gave them shelter followed this story but does not know that the girl she actually protected  is the heroin of the story she read. Thus, she is now living anonymously. Dear Isha, you never know the power of writing, that your unspoken voice is now being heard by the netizen, so wherever you are, I hope you don't give up on the hurdles you faced in your life. The truest happiness will come for those who wait.

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The darkness is all started when the girl lost her mother. Mother is the important roots in everything. Mother means peace, light, love, sun, star, moon, ocean, trees and everything. Without those elements, there will be no Earth. Dad is also plays an important roles, but nothing can beat mom. That's why Allah created rahim in women's body to hold the fetus and to spread the loves among everyone. Rahim means the loves beyond everything. 

To those who have mom, love your mom endlessly, kiss them, cause nothing can beat her love.