The items priced at RM4.99 - okay cheap.

That one is priced at RM99.99 - okay cheap.

That items is priced at RM100.00 - What???? that one is expensive.. move to other shelves.

You don't know how good is their marketing skill, until you saw a great reduction on your bank account.

The marketer really knows how to market things, because they are well understood, when it comes to shopping.. , some people might lost their logical minds..  $4.99 is actually equivalent to $5, $99.99 is actually $100, but they lost logics, even $0.01 decrement is considered as a promotional price.

When you went to shopping, you tend to forget that you are almost-penniless, and you let the shops calve your bank account.

The pitfalls of swiping the cards, you do not know how much you finished, and start regretted of your dumb actions. It's not really dumb. Wise at the same time.

But, someone says: you are earning soon, so don't worry.

Aside prostrating to God, another purpose of life is also to enjoy your life to the fullest, as long as you know the line and the limits.

P/s: Don't be fool by number 9. It's somehow made your life turned miserable & happy at the same time.

Be wise ladies. (Don't).