I do love seeing people with curly/bouncy hair, but I was traumatized with what I did when I was 13 years old, so I prefer to let my straight hair flows and enjoy seeing others. I really like seeing those heels with ribbon or anything ribbonese (tying handbags with ribbons or simply doing simple ribbon around your necks) because it symbolises elegance and classy. I don't really prefer flowery things, but  I do love the scents of flowers, especially roses scent, but in fact,  ladies & flowers could not be separated, and being in Paris is every girls dreams. Not because it portrays how lively is the city for the lovebirds, but simply because the media have poisoned our mind how lovely is Paris and the Eiffel tower (bitter fact: the city is dirty and crime rate is also high, Or probably, it was only my thought that it was every girls dreams to be in Paris). 
Because Paris is beautiful during night and when it is raining. 
Movie says that. 

* * * * *  * * * * * * * * * *

I thought I was going to end up working in a McDonald or KFC or shopping mall, or in my dad's company, and let my nutrition and dietetics knowledge go wasted, because the competition was no joke, employer expectation some more.

But... one fine evening, I was logged in into my email account and I got an invitation for an interview.. compared to the previous IV that I've attended, this one was run smoothly. I passed the first round of IV and invited to attend for the second round and praise to God, I've passed!. At the same time, there was an institution called me and told me that my application of being their staff has passed, but on a contract basis. I was rejected by that institution previously because they wanted someone who has graduated (read: they did not want me to attend my convo day). Through out of my job hunting phase, I was called up for a countless IVs but, everything seems so hard. Eg: Tomorrow is the IV, and the venue was in the peninsular and I was in the east. Time constraint. Unless my dad owns a private jet, then I can fly everywhere and whenever I want. But if my dad is a millionaire, I would not work now, enjoying his money instead. Besides,  job offered also came but with a strong reasons to reject.  . The rest was a history.

Never I imagined, I finally secured a job before my convocation day and for that I was blessed and forever grateful. God has planned my journey smoothly and for that I was truly debt-full for Him.

When I was in the contemplation state either to fly off to some place or to sit for an IV, and I could not decide, so I told everyone, with a hope by doing that, I got some strong reasons why I ended up finalise that selection.

So, some of you that really cares on me..  had voted. Among all those voters, I can classified them into 3 different groups.

1) People that voted for me to enjoy my vacation.
2) People that voted for me to attend my IV
3) People that rooting and agreed in whichever route I chose.

I, honestly liked those people from the number 1 group. Simply because my heart really wanted to go for it. Basically, they did their best job to reassure me, and the little peter pan inside me told me to take their advises. Because I never know what future has promised. So, if I go to my IV, I had to face two possibilities. Being rejected or being accepted. But, if I go to the vacation.. I am going to enjoy my life. At the end of the day, I will go back to the job hunting phase again. My stand has shaken. So, I looked up to the reasons given by the second group of voters.

Most of the people who voted me to attend my IV were an experienced and successful people. They encouraged me to go to the IV because opportunity only come once. But, they did not manage to calm my heart, because I was immature and their advises did not clicked my heart. Upon receiving an invitation to the IV, I was actually saying yes to their HR. But, I think, I still can cancel them. But, if I succeed, I am going to be a lady with a career. They are matured enough. Bet, experiences had taught them how to live. For that, they had my utmost respect.

The third group were the people that I shall love with all my heart. Now, being with them.. allowed me to make a round decision. I, decided to go to my IV.


I do sounds like a bragger. But, I was a happy kid, nothing can kill the vibes. Sorry guys.

I forgot to tell you, during my jobless period, God has sent me some people that I will never ever forget them, to accompany me and gave me an inspiration & motivations. I love you guys!.

Today, I successfully finished my day 1 as a nutritionist. I did not do much, except for some orientation and reading some materials from the company and waiting for 5.30 pm. If I were not on my right mind, I probably think that I was actually working overseas, in Taiwan or Mainland, because I was the only one Malay girl staff and hmm another Malay guy staff, and all of them are Chinese. So, their spoken languages are Mandarin & English.

What I write here is based on my day 1 experience. On the morning, I signed the agreement, and has given a working desk, complete with desktop and you know the office things.. plus they gave me a laptop!. It was windows OS, although I had some experience using Windows back in yesteryears, I still facing a difficulties to blend with the system.. and I can't stand how slow is the Windows OS. Okay. don't blame me here. Okay, I am a Mac user, so the operating system are different 360 degree.

You know, day one was jitters. I was wearing a heels to work, because well, guess my childhood dream did come true. I was dreaming of being a cashier lol, and working in a company, with heels and with my hair sets, you know the typical famous office lady. Only I came to my realization that I am going to work in a hospital... but... actuallyyyyyyyyy.. hmm please read this paragraph again. Wait, I don't like wearing heels now, the office was quiet and you know I was the only one with the loudest heels, you know.. I was embarrassed. That's gonna be the first and last one I am wearing heels to work. (Eh, hopefully).

So all the staffs went to lunch together, thought they want to get to know me well, except for the country manager and that Malay guy. We did a little conversation and they conversed in Mandarin. I was quiet, you know the typical new kid.

Until, the HR asked me: hey, can you speak Mandarin?

I told them honestly: I can converse basic Mandarin, and understand a bit of your conversation..

And to be continued..

That's all for today's post. Told you, Day 1 jitters.

It's late now, I can't continue sleeping late like last time. Because, I am now a working lady.

Good night.