You never know how important your presence for someone. Try to put your shoes into them, and you know, how does it feels, to need someone's presence. Especially, when you need to face an impassable roadblock. You started crying inside, mourn and that's killing you slowly. Expectations mostly leads you to frustration, the more you expect, the more you get frustrated. But, because we are human, we tend to expect, and get frustrated, and the cycle repeats.

It was 3 days ago, when someone whatsapp-ed me asked me to accompany her to do something. I honestly felt lazy and not-interested, plus it was a 3 hours road, and money-consuming. But this person keeps on texting me and sounds desperado for my presence. Sure, that word was harsh. I, sometimes can easily be persuaded, but I told her don't expect for my presence, so don't hope so much.  The end of the day.. I joined the hall. I was glad that I met her and gave a helping hands. I was the lazy bump that day until I realize, it was meaningful for them and helped them to settle something which obviously out from their capability. Being on the same sand or the same land with some people, made you to learn more about life. Not every people, are born with a silver spoon, and not every people are born poor. That's the varieties that the world needs to face. These varieties are somehow made the world colourful, but only some are grateful.

I really wanted to spill everything here, but some humiliating facts about something should not be typed publicly, metaphorically instead.

When people asked me, what are the things that I hated in my life? (the most) . I was not sure how to answer. It was a very subjective questions and I can list all 1000++ things of them. Plenty.  But, sometimes things that I hated turned to be the things that I liked the most. . Example: I like stubborn people, I like people who are persistent- because that reflected their desire on getting something. Sometimes, I don't like them, because they turned to be bossy, little did I know - I was one of them, in fact - I am. So, I could not answer that question - back then.

Seeing people around, mingled with them and broadening my circle, made me discover on the things that I hated the most. I hate being abandoned. There are differences between being ignored and being abandoned. Pretty sure you knew the definition.

Ever heard about BEING ABANDONED WITHOUT ANY EXPLANATION? The utmost-intense-dislike-hated-bla-bla-bla is that. I hate it, because it's nasty to realise that you are not worth anything. Don't make people hoping for your presence but end up you abandoned them. It's okay to ignore, but never abandon. When you ignore people, you still watching them from far, but being abandoned made the person hurt physically and emotionally.

Happiness is for you to share, if your presence can make someone happy, why fret? Some birds are still unfledged, for that they remained subaqueos. Now, come to think, which birds can stay under water? It's burning their souls and make them dying. If you are unavailable, emotionally and physically and unmindful of the someone's soul - you welcomed them to drown.

Everybody has the right to be happy, you were born special, so live a special life as well.