Hey, I've come again,
To the place where we met,
I was imagining,
Looking at you,
While you were opening the door.

This place,
Was my battle field,
But not yours,
But, I am neither a warrior anymore,
As a visitor instead
To visit nothing,
but your shadow,

Hey, don't you have any nougat to offer?
You told, I was awkward,
But you were cute,
Acting cool with your nicely done hair,

I came doing some 'undercover',
Where I want only our hearts know the presence,
And, to the shadow,
Don't forget to look straight to the table where I used to sit,
And don't forget to glimpse on your left, while you are heading to have your breakfast.
And, it's remind you how sweet is the place,
Between a warrior and a judge.

Hey, don't you have any nougat to offer?