Back in 4 years ago, our class was only consists of 13 students. We heard a rumor that a new student will be joining from another faculty, there she was, Dalila.  We became a group of 14. A few weeks after, we heard another news, someone will be joining as well. His name is Abdul Rahman, but until the end of Year 4, this Abdul Rahman boy did not show up. Missing in action. I had a thought that probably Abdul Rahman was my father's name, but they accidentally made my name into two rows with line, which made it to be a new student. Argh, I can't even made fun of this Abdul Rahman's name, because whether he was joining but call off his mind, or they really made a mistake of placing my full name into a new line - then, I'm making fun of my daddy's HAHAH. AND... past few weeks, there was a LAW STUDENT who wanted to join us. In order to familiarize with Dietetics Life, THIS LAW STUDENT TEXTED EYAEYO. I should have known she is going to snatch Eya from me. ..:(.


This LAW STUDENT is a girl named Nurin Iman Ahmad Kamal, she was a 162 cm and currently, reaching the obesity period HAHAHA (come on Nurin Iman, join the team!, please eat eat and eat and REPEAT) I am going to be more descriptive on her. She was really had a big appetite back then, when Era and I were fussing about stricting our diet because we did not want to gain weight too much- OUR BMIs were NORMAL (the class's were mostly underweight, the normal BMI girls were a victim to be classified as a FAT girl in the class - we were normal, but they were underweight yet we were became a victim of a BODY IMAGE. (#DieteticsStudentsProblem).

Nurin, Era and I were on the same height, but, ERA was the heaviest (fact got twisted, this is my blog HAHA) I was the second, and this Nurin was A FARRRRRRRR SCALE FROM THE HEAVY TEAM. (Our weight was 55kg and 53 cm respc with 162 cm - not that heavy right? told you, we were a victims). So, when we ordered a chicken chop or fish N chips, we were worried of this deep fry calories argh but it's okay let just eat this, argh how we are going to do , it will cause us to put on too much weight. Era likes to jog and doing exercising but I was not. Argh, but its okay, 

"Era just eat, later you force me to do exercise, lets burn the calories together"

 - IN THE EVENING, Era was back from Taman Tasik Titiwangsa with her sports attire, but I was either just wake up from bed or enjoy watching youtube. I hope you understand the dilemma of us, or at least my dilemma, WANTED TO EAT MUCH, BUT TERRIFIED TO GAIN TOO MUCH WEIGHT YET TOO LAZY TOO EVEN EXERCISING. 

BUT BUT BUT, there was a girl, SHE ATE A LOT, IN FACT CAN FINISH 1 WHOLE PLATE OF SPAGETHI CARBONARA, 1 PLATE OF DESSERT ON HER OWN, 1 GLASS OF ICE COFFEE SOMETHING SOMETHING, AND SOME PORTION OF OUR FOODS, Fuh. She did not gain weight so much, is it her metabolism roam quickly? too quick to even build fat? Owh, I was talking of a situation back in 3 years ago. I was not sure guys, most of us lost weight during our clinical year, but this girl put on weight so much. I remembered I had lost 5 kg in 2 weeks which indicated a significant weight loss and SHE WAS ACTUALLY PUT ON WEIGHT (Come on Nurin Iman, join the team, eat whatever you want!! come on! come on!) Perhaps she is someone who easily put on weight when she is on the stressful period - okay, I vouch on this! (If you see she's become chubbier, hold no more, go on hug her, she probably on her stress period LOL)


This girl was the only one who was (is) very mad on online shopping. I don't know how to rate this. But, my shopping obsession could be rated as 1 out of 10, she made it to 10/10 guys. Because we were apart during year 3 and 4 on our rooming phase, so, I am going to talk about her HISTORY back in year 1 and 2. During year 1, she liked to muster her soul and her body in our room (Eya and 1). So, in every conversation we had, she will actually stitched some online shopping she did and asked for our opinion on which items should she buys. She was once get tricked by one of the online shop in Instagram of her phone casing- she wanted to buy a new casing, but the parcel did not arrived until she bought a new phone. Apparently, she got tricked. But this girl never listen, she continued with her madness shopaholic. Whatever you do girl, as long as you are happy, and you can manage your bank account really well. Thanks it's okay. MAIGOD. Saying this reminds me of something hahahah. Because I believe I am that boros ( I felt this whenever I was with Era), but with Nurin, I think I was normal. HAHAH. A normal girl who started to taste the sweetness of life with a normal living expenses. Oh, I  should mingle much with Nurin back in those years, because she made me felt everything was normal. You will never leave her alone scrolling her phone, because it was 80% looking at the online shops and 20% looking at your life update on instagram. I should vote your name to cast on a Confession of a shopaholic season 2 to their director, Nurin. HAHA. (Nurin, you should look for a boy from a wealthiest family, or a man who is rich on his own - RICH is the keywords)


Argh, Nurin, honestly I do not want to post about this, because Eya will be proudly giggle thinking she was attractive. Let just abandoned this section.  

Okay, I am going to be honest here, I was emotionally attached to Eya hahaha, but in real life, she was close to Nurin, because, they were both inactive on college, so, THEY WERE KICKED OUT (I was trying to conceal my feelings here, I should thanks those who own the idea of making a CAPLOCK) Ended up, they became close. In real life, I was close to Era, ADek and somehow Mizah (She was joining EYA NURIN league's back in the final year- they were housemate). Oh, my heartache while typing this. Okay, SHE WAS CLOSE TO EYA, because they were both stayed in a same room, same idealism (not all), always together. The residency things made us to be apart like this. EYA IS CLOSE TO ME (this made my heart better, LOL), emotionally and physically, we hugged, we slept together, we kissed, we texted together). 

(About our trivial matter on EYA-MAWAR-NURIN relationship, like you had always seen on my intagram posts or blogposts, it was actually just a joke. So, we enjoyed being friends together)


Honestly, among all my girlfriends, she is the one with full of INTEGRITY hahahaha, I just don't know why I came up with this word, but something happened back in year 1, I don't wanna to talk about this. But, she was so cool, fair and honest with the things she uttered. I was there, watching as an observant, and my heart sided for her at that time. it's good that you became a dietetics student instead of a law student. She listened and only she gave her judgement. Fairly and Honestly. 

Eya once mentioned that all of us were like a fire, but this girl is more like a water. Whenever we had a quarrel, she will be the one who stands on the line, to make sure both sides were cool and do not continue in fighthing and in a cold period. 

I know words are a bit boring, so here a photo of her (sorry for the quality of our photos, these were taken using potatoes back the growing years.

Nurin, I thought this photo was acceptable to be publish HAHAHA. 

This was one during our Biostats Class, lecturer was standing behind us, and we were taking a selfie? 

In case, if you forgot, this was taken back in KTSN 5. We were both kicked out from KTSN 1 haha.

Our first time wandering in the mall together, and I remember you said this to me: 

"I also prefer to be alone, whenever I do my shopping" 

Honestly, during this time, I did not really discover how madness is your shopping obsession girl. 


This is the first time I saw her crying. In our 4 years together, she only cried twice. This was the first time, the second time was on our last week together and she hugged me. Argh I should have taken your photo too, but I was crying too. How akward it was crying while capturing someone's moment? Nurin please don't kill me AT LEAST I managed to snap an image of your lost ring.  

The more I post about you, the more I think, that we did not really spend too much time.  I remember one day when everyone was gathering in our room, and I hate the mess that had been created, looking at my bed sheet was on the bad shape and I kept on silent because, they are my friends, I did not want to shows how uncomfortable I was with the sceneario happened in my room, where everything was like a pell- mell and disorganized and she was there looking at me, and suddenly left a note on my study table:

Mawar, okay ke? Mawar marah kat Nurin ke? 

This girl is sweet. 

This stylish girl, own an online shop together with her friends on Instagram. Check it out, follow and support them!. Please head to Please head to @kudeta.kl (just click on the link), to support their business.

Nurin, I do not know? 
Why do you like to give other people chances when you can shine brighter?
Why do have to hide your talent when you can outshines people? 
Why do have to be so nice when people wronged you?
Why do you have to play with words when you actually speak it?
Why do you have to let others speak for you when you have tongue to do it?
Why do you have to stay low when you can vain?
Why do you have to conceal your feelings when you can burst it?
Why do you let others to get the victory when you are the one who create it?
Why do you have to stab your heart when you can actually cry to us? 
Why do you kill yourself slowly when you can actually kill people?
JUST WHY NURIN IMAN? Express yourself please!. 

(.. and why did you hurt me when I can be your great listener? )

Happiest 23rd birthday baby girl!. May Allah bless you always and forever and good luck for your future undertaking. Although we don't really spend much time together, but you seriously got a place in my heart as well. Continue to do whatever you love and achieve a great achievement soon.
Those who does not know, this girl also had a bad habit. She likes to bite people you know, omaigod, this girl is really something. If she staring and grin while grasping your arm or whatever part of your body, you shoud be ready to scream or just push her, or else you will get a bite. Don't tell you I do not warn you okay. I did. I think she is a vampire. Vampire yang berIMAN. HAHA. 

Now, I love you Nurin. You are the first one that I really like before everyone's else :).

Love her, if you dare.
 Single and not-really available, but still available. HAHAHA.