I don't know if you guys have the same interest as me, but, now, I really like this overlay-almost-half-naked-lacy-dress.

I like this. 8/10. 

I like the floral design printed on the lace, but the V-line could make you to be mistaken as a hooker.  7/10.

This model looks familiar. But, this one is to expose to my liking. The V line and the tops cleavage are totally out. Are you actually wanted to wear bikini but your boss wants you to accompany him somewhere? This looks chavvy. 

 I HAVE NO COMMENT ON THIS! I LIKE THIS 100%.  It looks casual, simple, elegant, yet bringing out its posh personality. This play hard to get dress is to die for!. 

Same style, but the style of the booby curves is just too mainstream.

I like the dress. Its feminim and I really really love it.. I also like the high heels.

It's a bit 'formal' hmm. But, this dress does not bring out the personality of playing hard to get. This dress looks decent.

Hmm, too simple to my liking and a bit exposed. Why do I have a feeling that this dress is suitable to play sports? too masculine, to my liking hahah. or maybe the pose makes me think like that?

This is okay, decent, accepted. but, whats with that long sleeve?