I was in the kitchen, helping my SIL, to cook for our lunch before I heard my nephew called up my name. It was 11 am, and they just got back from morning school.




"Yaaaaa, i'm here, why???"

"Ciknok, did you cook my Ikan Naga? "

"Haah??! No!, why did you accused me of doing that? "

"Because my Ikan Naga was missing. I can't see it inside my aquarium!!! Before I left for school, it was still there, now it's missing!. Are you sure you did not cook my Ikan Naga?" 

"Hey, why did you say so? Why would I cook yours? "

"Because last time you told me, if our house does not have fish anymore, you would cook mine!. "

"But, our house got a lot of fishes what!, I will cook Max (Our 10 years old Arowana)  first then only your small fishes".

"This is why I don't like going to school. No one would want to take care of my fishes. Are you sure you did not cook mine?"  While caught a glimpse on the frying fish that I cook.


He went away from us and crying, still looking for his Ikan Naga.

Pardon his untidy uniform as he was about to undress himself, but the his momentum got devastated as he found out about his missing fish!

His treasure, probably as expensive as your mom's diamonds. 

His mini aquarium without Ikan Naga anymore! :(. HAHAH. 

* * * * * * * * * 

He was crying and called his daddy, apparently, my brother.

"Abah!!!! Achik bunuh ikan naga Angah! , Dia letak ikan naga angah kat darat. Achik dah bunuh ikan naga angah!!"  

He was screaming and crying!. 

Mystery has solved. Ciknok is innocent. The culprit is Achik/ CingCing/ Oja Oja (whatever you want to call her).