So, boys, let's try to understand girls. Take a deep breath. Make sure to have your eyes wide open and your fresh mind. This going to be an uber looong post. They don't teach you this in school. 

I know, according to Google Analytics and Google Stats of my blog, there are quite a number of men who reads my blog. Some of you followed me by email, some of you confessed that you read my blog and some are just a silent readers. Anyway, boys, congratulations for clicking this link!

I am a strong advocate for the girl's rights as for now! (HAHA)

Ever since I was in secondary school, dad will rush me during my preparation time. Especially the moment when we are heading to the airport, dad will lecture me on the topic of you-should-prep-yourself-3-hours-earlier-and-wait-inside-the-car. So, I think this is happening because boys just do not understand the girls. 

Thinking of meeting a girl and if you have a plan to fetch her up.. then.. Basically, this will happen: 

When a girl woke up from her bed. The first time she will be doing is, drinking a glass of plain water that has been prepared the night before. Then, she will tidy up her bed sheets, folding up her comforter. Then only she goes to the shower room. Inside the shower room, she will look at her face in the mirror and check if there is a zit on her face. If there is none, then she will continue to put on body scrub and wait for 15 minutes. If it is dries up, then only she brush her teeth. Followed by cleansing her face. If everything has been done properly, she will shower and let the body scrubs flow together with the water. She will put a body conditioner and body bath and massage it to let the dirt go away. Once done, the girl will decide either she wants to wash her hair or not. 45 to 60 minutes are the excellent time for her doing. Experts actually say, YOU DO NOT SPOIL THEIR TIME ON SHOWER. Because, this will determine your day. Don't rush them, don't torture their mental. It's their critical time and this will determine the happiness on your date. 

Once she is done. She will go to her room and sit on her dressing table. The majority of the girls,  do a basic things first, which are: 

1)  Applied a body lotion to their body and deodorant. 
2) Oil their hair and tie nicely.
3) Then, only they go to their face (the critical,  even 'criticalest' section on her body)


Okay, there are two types of girl. A make-up virgin girl and a make-up junkie. Boys, when they told you they are a make up virgin, you do not compare them with you. Make up virgin means, they only applied 80% of the make up and face items. A make-up junkie girls means they will put 1000% of all the make- up items in the world. Be sure to classify your girls, as it will determine your future as well. 

For the face. They will apply a moisturizer, BB cream, CC cream Cake powder, foundation, powder, concealer, primer, highlighter, blotter and all sorts of other things. 

For the eyes. There are eyeliner (waterproof and non-waterproof, pencil, liquid, with different colours, mostly are black), eyebrow pencil, mascara, groomset, eyelash curler and a gazilion shades of eyeshadows, which has thousand of colours. This is why girls are expert in colours than a boys. Their eyeshadows consist of a different tones of color. So, when girl asks you to buy a blue tudung, you have to question further. Because, blue is blue in your eyes. But, in a girl perspective, there are baby blue, light blue, periwinkle, powder blue, morning blue etc etc. Now you know, why girl does not need to attend painting class right? Because they are naturally born with it and obviously gifted. 

I hope I did not scare you boys. 

But, you forgot the lips. 

Which is a very important stuff for every girls. Even your 1 year old girl, also wear lip product. Lip products consist of lip liner, lip tint, lip balm, lip gloss, lip buffer, lip moisturiser, and lastly, the things you always heard. LIPSTICK. Lipstick also consist of matte, glossy, glittery, wet, shines, wet shines and more to come. And this lip product also has a long-lasting or short lasting.  

I hope I listed all the important stuffs for a girl. Amongst all the stuffs I listed, girls neither are crazy nor greedy, they will choose which one they would like to use based on their theme. Most of them will do A-NO-MAKE-UP-LOOK, which is quite famous. In order to create that look, they need some time to do color combi, and deciding which lip products they wanted to use.


I know, face is also considered as a part of the body. But, boys, in a girl's dictionary, they are different. So, you better stop arguing and continue reading. 

Remember when I told you, the majority of the girls, will apply a body lotion? Yes, you are right boys. After taking some time for a face preparation, their skin started to dry. The purpose of applying a body lotion, is to revive back the skin condition. Usually, body lotion won't lock their moisture so much. So, that's why girls usually apply a body butter. I have always like body butter as I do not have to wear perfume because, it will let out its fragrant and lock 24 hours in the body! 


Normally, if you have planned the date earlier, usually girl will prepare her clothes the night before. Girls will brainstorm on which clothes they want to use, to mix and match. 


Honestly, she has not done yet. She needs to sweep the floor of her room and her upstairs living room. At least, she will be off from home with a happy heart. 


She will spray some face mist to make her look fresh, apply some foot cream before she put on her shoes, and after that. Applying some of the hand lotion. 

Then she is ready!

Oh and before I forgot to tell you something, if you can wait until this extend, you are seriously a good boyfriend and such a husband material. But, if suddenly you ask the girl to wait inside the car, while you wanted to buy a coke or mineral water or even your cigarettes in the convenience store, and happened to line up on a long queue, and your girlfriend thinks she waited too long, and keep on buzzing you on WhatsApp, miss calls you some more, asking you to hurry, but you are the 10th person from the first queue, you should tell her, that you are still on the line. If she is okay, then you may continue queueing. If she suddenly texted you asking you to choose between her or your coke or mineral water or even your cigar, you SHOULD PUT BACK ALL THE ITEMS YOU WANTED TO BUY AND IMMEDIATELY RUSH TO GO INSIDE THE CAR, or else, you will kill her happiest day. In fact both of your happiest day. She is not being selfish, but just impatient to meet you and because she misses your presence, even 10 seconds feel like 1000 years. Simply because she loves you. Good luck boy. 

Congratulations boy. You have read everything. It's okay if you do not understand, it's only your first lesson and first day. First day jitters. Of course.